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За последнее время Подол из туристического центра постепенно превращается в активный деловой район Киева. Все больше корпоративных клиентов привлекает аренда офиса с хорошими видовыми характеристиками, развитой инфраструктурой района где находится бизнес центр, близостью офиса компании к станциям метро и основным транспортным артериям города.

Renting a detached building is most often in demand by embassies, consulates, foreign missions. Among the companies for which the lease of a building may be entirely of interest are the enterprises of the pharmaceutical group, the agro-industrial holdings, insurance companies, banks and other organizations.

Pechersk district of the capital of Ukraine is one of the most active in the business, public and cultural importance of the centers of Kiev. Here are concentrated the main centers of public and social life programs of the city.

In the business center Senator (Senator), st. Moscow 32 / st. Reznitskaya, 2 offers a unique opportunity for renting - renting an office with a turnkey repair.

Rental of premises on the 1st floor, for a bank office, an open office, a retail space is offered in the Kuznetsky business center, on ul. Antonovich st. Ivan Fedorov, 64/16.

Every growing business is faced with the task of expanding its space. Therefore, most entrepreneurs are puzzled by the question of how to easily find an office in Kiev that would meet their requirements and business characteristics.

With the advent of new objects in the office real estate market, tenants are considering proposals for leasing modern business centers in order to improve the office space of their company. The criteria and factors influencing the decision to find a new office are very different: some companies are expanding, and they need a much larger office space; other companies are considering proposals for renting an office with good transport links, closer to metro stations; other companies, it is important to have good species characteristics that open the panorama of the capital.

Often, for companies that need to rent premises on the 1st floor of a professional business center, the search for suitable premises is delayed in a long process. Let's try to help orient, and give examples of business centers in which we offer to rent commercial premises on the first floor.

Office rent in Kiev is increasingly represented by offers of office space in professional business centers. The main difference and advantage of modern business centers is the presence of a single management company. What does this mean for a tenant?

Renting an office in Kyiv is not an easy task. There are many nuances to consider in order to find the perfect comfort zone:

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