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Rent a detached building entirely

Author: Anna Dubovik - commercial real estate expert

Renting a detached building is most often in demand by embassies, consulates, foreign missions. Among the companies for which the lease of a building may be entirely of interest are the enterprises of the pharmaceutical group, the agro-industrial holdings, insurance companies, banks and other organizations.

The main factors in favor of choosing the location of an office in a separate building are the compliance with the conditions of security and autonomy. Additional parameters that are taken into account when deciding to rent an office that occupies the entire building:

  • the presence of a closed area of the office center;
  • possibility of organizing separate entrance groups for company employees and visitors. For example, for the organization of a bank branch, an open office of insurance, pharmaceutical companies;
  • own guarded parking in the building. own guarded parking in the building.

Room rental also includes the entire cost of maintaining the facility, technical and technological support for communications. The management company usually takes care of the maintenance of the building, but in some cases the tenant is fully engaged in the object independently: building security, cleaning, support for engineering systems, communications providers, etc.

Rent a separate building: what is the advantage

Depending on the scale of the company and additional requirements for the property, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with several buildings represented on the office real estate market in Kiev:

аренда офиса в Шевченковском районе

Rent a building on the street. Yaroslavov Val

Business center on the street. Yaroslavov Val, 14A - a building with a total area of 3,133 sq.m.

The object is located in the historical and business center of Kiev, within walking distance from the metro station. Golden Gate. Facade location - one of the advantages of the building on the street. Yarovslavov Val.

Great place to accommodate a branch and office of the bank, insurance or financial company. There are rooms with storage, in the basement of the building, there is an additional entrance and entrance from the courtyard of the building, for the entrance of service, collector cars.

Особняк ул. Б.Хмельницкого - аренда офиса в центре Киева

Mansion st. B.Hmelnitskogo - office rent in the center of Kiev

Office center on the street. 48A Bogdan Khmelnitsky - office building with a total area of 1125 sq. M

4-storey building with a basement located in a fenced area, near the metro station. Golden Gate, Theater, University.

Among the additional benefits of renting an office in the building on the street. B.Hmelnitskogo, 48A: autonomous boiler room, parking in the closed area of the building, good transport accessibility.

аренде офиса с мебелью Подол

Rent a mansion on the Andriyivsky Descent

Office mansion on Andriyivsky Descent - a building with a total area of 572 sq. M

The mansion on Andriyivsky Descent is also suitable for the office of a closed type company. The building is renovated executive class. The interior decoration used wooden parquet, stained glass, marble, Italian furniture is presented.

Additional benefits of the office on Andriyivsky Descent: ground parking for 5 cars, autonomous boiler room, rooms ready for use.

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