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Recently, Podil from the tourist center is gradually turning into an active business district of Kiev. More and more corporate clients are attracted to renting an office with good specific characteristics, a well-developed infrastructure of the area where the business center is located, the company's proximity to metro stations and the main transport arteries of the city.

Renting an office in Podol is an opportunity to rent a presentable office that meets the main criteria for technical support, security systems, and transport accessibility of the object.


Together with such large-scale business centers as Ilyinsky, Podol Plaza, Dominoes, without which Podol can no longer be represented, office rentals are also offered in small but attractive office centers like Bulgakov, Borisoglebsky, Horizon Podol Business Center. And today Podol is developing and complemented by new modern office real estate objects.

Владимирский, бизнес центр

Business Center Vladimirsky, Peter Sagaydachnogo Street 11

One of such representative facilities in Podol is the business center Vladimirsky (Sagaydachnogo st., 11). Located on Pochtovaya Square, near the metro station, the lower station of the funicular - is a business center with a unique location, on the border of Podol and the central part of Kiev. The facade location of the business center provides tenants with a beautiful view of the Embankment, Postal Square.

Владимирский, ул.Сагайдачного, 11

Hall of business center Vladimirsky

БЦ Владимирский, аренда офиса в Киеве

Office overlooking the embankment of the Dnieper River, business center Vladimirsky

БЦ Владимирский, аренда видового офиса

Business Center Vladimirsky, typical decoration of office premises

In the business center Vladimirsky it is offered to rent an office by the floor, about 450 sq. M each floor. The total area is 3 564.3 square meters of 9-storey building of a business center. The presentable entrance group of the business center Vladimirsky accommodates a spacious hall, a reception area and a security post. The ascent to the floors, as well as the descent to the underground parking, is carried out by two elevators. Flexible planning solutions allow you to adapt the floor space with maximum use of usable space. Server rooms, kitchens, bathrooms are already prepared, necessary communications are carried out. The tenant can only make the final touch, his own handwriting in the design of the office.

Renting an office in the business center of Vladimirsky, on Pochtovaya Square, is an excellent offer for renting an office for companies looking for an office in Podol.

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