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Apple, Google, Facebook and other digital giant companies were the first to focus on office design in a variey of styles. This helped to improbe the productivity of their employess and ennhance their image. Therefore. other firms picked up the trend and began to acively change their classic ofice interior. At this stage, they adhered (and still adhere too) specific rules in the design of modern premises.

Let's take a look at what an open space office is? What are the pros and cons of an open-plan office space, and how not to lose efficiency in an open-space office?

Proper organization of office space motivates employees to work efficiently, allows them to fully realize their professional potential and reduces fatigue at the end of the day. Maintaining a comfortable office environment has a positive effect on the company's financial well-being.

The stage of viewing the premises for an entrepreneur begins immediately after choosing several offices that are suitable for the following parameters - location, layout, quadrature. The procedure itself is not complicated, you just need not to lose sight of the significant nuances. At first glance, they will seem insignificant, but during the operation of the office they can create certain problems.

Our consulting company wants to tell you about all the nuances of choosing an office space. Tips and tricks will help you find the best place to be active in your business.

Hot Desking is a new office space organization model with shared desktops. That is, a separate place is not assigned to employees. The occupy space after preliminary agreement (agree among themselves).

This approach allows for high mobility of employess and optimization of office use. This model was first used in the United States in the 90s. The main reason fo using it is to save company budget.

Compare the pros and cons of coworking. Consider the history, types, advantages and disadvantages of coworking

Any modern company seeks to increast its compertitbeness a particular. Deffereny methoda are used for this. The most effective of thesese is to optimize employee work or improve theris productivity. This method is extremely populat in European countries, America and Japan.

The productivity of office workers depends on their psychological comfort and mood. This can be influenced by choosing the right colors for the interior. Unsuccessful shades will create unnecessary stress, and successful ones will relieve stress from a person, give energy, improve concentration and increase his level of creativity.

There are three main types of office layouts - close (office), open and mixed. Each of them presupposese the arrangement of a working space, an office, a manager's office, a meeting room and reception and entrance group. The only differences are in the way these zones are separated in the office.

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