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Variants of design and interiors of offices.

Author: Anna Dubovik - commercial real estate expert

Apple, Google, Facebook and other digital giant companies were the first to focus on office design in a variety of styles. This helped to improve the productivity of their employees and ennhance their image. Therefore, other firms picked up the trend and began to acively change their classic office interior. At this stage, they adhered (and still adhere to) specific rules in the design of modern premises.

For example, in order to choose a suitable decor style, you need to take into account the average age of the team, the scope of the company, and labor safety standards. The office should not only perform respresentative functions, but also be ergonomic, functional and practical.

It is important to emphasize the corporate identity of the organization in its desighn. Employess should be as comfortable as possible in it throughout the entire working day. All this must be taken into account when you plan to rent an office in a business center.


Loft style office 

Most of all, former industrthial premises are suitable for such design. This style originated in America in the 1930s. Companies of that time used abandoned administrative and factory buildings for offices. Today, such decor is used by most compaines that employ many creative people. Characteristic features of the loft:

  • panoramic windows;
  • high concrete of brick walls without final finishing;
  • many glass partitions;
  • all communications are open                                                                                            

Most often, restaurants, cafes, business centers, beauty salons, creative studios and even hotels are set up this way. Loft-style office interior design is popular among modern startups.


Office design in a modern style

It combanies aesthetics and practicality. The main focues is on functionality. The decot itself is extremely minimalistic and simple. The room contains only the most necessary things, there is little furniture, the color palette is consistent, the lighting and layout are rational.

Thi style is chosen by promising compaines working in the field of modern techologies. They are comfortable in a room where everything is created for constructive work activity (there are no distractions). The modern interior design of office is also an Open Space layout, a competent grouping of furniture, an open and spacious meeting area, a successful combination of light shades.

Office interior in classic style

Only large compaines can afford themselves, since the main attribute of classic decor is luxury. It emphasizes status and evokes a sense of stability. Some firms arrange only the chief's office in this style. Key features:

  • respectable wooden textures;
  • panoramic windows;
  • stable (monumental) and heavy forms;
  • the presence of velvet and marble;
  • strict lines and symmetry;
  • white, cream and brown colors predominate.

The office in the classic style is suitable for well-known legal and finnancial companies, wealthy, brokerage firms, successful psychotherapy organizations.


Office interior in the style of minimalism 

Here rationalism is at the forefront, just like in modern style. Severity, convenience and simplicity are the basic principles that are followed when  arranging workspaces of this kind.

There are ni unnecessary pieces of furniture and decor in the design, calm shades without bright colors prevail, functional elements are several shades darker than the general color palette. There is a lot free space. This design is universal. It is suitbale for companies in any field of activity. Allows to emphasize the seriousness, opennes and modernity of the company. The minimalist office design is the best solution for everyone.


Boho style in the office 

This is a decor in which elements of all types of design are mixed, while maintaining harmony. The style is unusual and extraordinary. Suitable for creative assciations. Inspires people in the office. Its distinctive features:

  • the presence of carpets and tapestries;
  • there is old but functioning furniture;
  • the design motive is clearly traced;
  • bright color accents are visible;
  • there are no bare walls (they are hung with variois paintings)

Boho allows you to combine icongruous items. The play of contracts makes such rooms extremely interesting. You don't get tried of work in them.  A person wants to endlessly create an come up with cool ideas.


Scandinavian style office 

Office design in Scandinavian style involves the active use of various decorative and functional details. This is the opposite of minimalism, but at the time, notes of practicality and pragmatism can be traced. The main goal is to create a cozy workspace in which you want to work all day. Attributes of the Scandinavian style in the office interior:

  • plain furniture;
  • flowers, evergreens, beautiful lamps;
  • a lot of natural materials;
  • the predominace of gray, beige or white;

The design option can be chosen by young developing companies that do not need to emphasize respectability and status.


High-tech office design 

This is an innovaite design solution, whitch began to be carried away in the 80s. Modern offices with this kind of interior design are comfortable and innovative. They are light, do not have unnecessary decor, stand out in calm shades, are equipped witch open shelves and furniture made of qulity materials (tiles, wood, glass). A high-tech office can have rounded corners or fully round windows.


Eco-style office design

Such premises should be equipped with furniture made exclusively from natural materials. The design is popular with modern companies. Especially those who are engaged int he production and sale of baby food, dairy products, products. The decoration of such premises contains clay, wood of stone (not imitation, but natural materials).

An eco -style office can have aquarimus, paintings with illustraions of virgin nature, decorations made of stone of clay, and other elements of such plan. The main colors are green, blue, whte, gray.


Art Nouveau office interior 

It is a skillful combination of innovation and convenience. The room contains refined lines, light shades, natural and soft shapers, upretentious silhouettes, unusuak contours. All this allows you to create a free, but at the same time austere atmosphere. It is very comfortable to work in it throughout the day. The Art Nouveau office has other features:

  • steel shades of furniture;
  • noticeable color contrast;
  • glass partitions and doors;
  • unique design soluttions

If company wants to emphasize its individuality, then it should choose an office in the modern style. It is great for improving the effciency of employees and does not put pressure of them mentally.


Provence style office 

This direction of the design to work premises allows you to create an atmosphere of comfort and trust. It immediately dispoeses partners and clients to cooperation. The style is characterized by the presence of retro furniture, walls with rough plaster, pastel and delicate shades, natural light, bright floral prtints on textiles, beautiful decorative elements (vases with beautiful flowers, original wall clocks, floor lamps).

Who is the best fit for this style of office decoration? Creative associations, workshop centers, modern agencies, design studios, tourist offices, agrticultrual enterprises, flower companies.


Funk office 

Many decorative elements are masked and merged with each other. A relaxed environment is created that helps with the work process. Being is such a room, it is difficult to determine the location of some design elements and furniture. This style will not suit large companies. It was created for creative people who are ready to generate interesting and original ideas.


Japanse style office 

These are rooms in which you can see a lot of laconic design solutions, simple shapes and objects with a characteristic color scheme. Calmnes and restraint are the basic tenets of Japanese style. Other features: compact and squat furniture, the absence of bright colors, the presence of oriental accessories, finishing from natural materials.


Office decoration in corporate style 

The interior features branded shades, bright logos of the company, its name and credo. Employees wear clothes with the colors of the organization. Banks and call centers often choose this style.

All mentioned styles can be present in class ''A'', ''B'', ''C'' business centers. When choosing an office, you need to build on the criteria described at the beginning of the article. If you find it difficult of decide, then contact out consulting company A-office. We will help you rent an office without intermediaries with a suitable interior.


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