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A-OFFICE is a service with an open base of office offers

A-OFFICE is a free service with an open base of office offers for renting and selling in all business centers and stand-alone buildings, office mansions in Kiev.

We provide services without obligation on your part. Agency commission you also do not pay us. Our services are paid by property owners. At a-office.com.ua you will be able to independently find an office for rent, which you will like by design, geographical location, cost, class and arrange a viewing, or call us and we will prepare an offer for you, as well as at your request will provide Help on pricing in the market.

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A-OFFICE is a free service with an open base of office offers for renting and selling in all business centers and stand-alone buildings, office mansions in Kiev.

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Office company face. Depending on the type of activity, the interior of the room is formed, because the environment determines consciousness. Although traditions have already been established in every industry, the influence of the IT sector in the organization of office spaces has been observed recently.

A few years ago, system banks and insurance companies with a network of representative offices were considered as trendsetters in the layout of office premises, which for the most part now seek to rent an office in Kiev with a traditional office system that emphasizes the internal hierarchy. In the interior, bankers and insurers traditionally observe extreme brevity. Similar standards in the organization of head offices are also followed by Ukrainian corporations that have overcome the initial stages of the formation of corporate culture.

Today IT-companies set the tone: armed with the experience of their Western colleagues, IT specialists are gradually changing their idea of ​​the ideal place to develop a successful business in Kiev: renting an office in the center of the capital is no longer a guarantee that the best specialists will come to the company. It is equally important to create conditions for employees that will not be inferior to the standards of Silicon Valley.

Note the three key features of this new trend:

1. Democracy and openness.

The privacy of the workspace is a thing of the past, along with gold plates on cabinet doors. Now the headquarters of successful companies are increasingly looking like coworking sites, so renting an open-plan office space is in high demand. Also used in the interior are the usual glass partitions and doors, but made of electrochromic glass. The composite is regulated by the degree of transparency, which is convenient in situations where privacy is still required.

To give the designer room when planning office space, preference is given to objects with a free layout.

By the way, renting an open-plan office allows you to implement not only Open Space in the free space, it is possible to create both the usual cabinet system and various combinations of work areas, taking into account the specifics of a particular business of the company. Moreover, the organization of the so-called recreation areas, which began to appear in office space, is no less serious than the organization of a workplace at the table. Goal provide a continuous & laquo; production process & raquo ;.

2.Zoning and comfort

To rent an office in Kiev from the dining room is not a problem today. Only the organization of the dining area now does not take place according to the residual principle, but vice versa: they attach importance to the interior of the room, furniture and kitchen equipment so that employees are comfortable to have a lunch break here and, if necessary, to work. Now new ideas are born in the dining room current issues are discussed here, project teams are created and information is exchanged. Renting an office in Kiev with the possibility of organizing a dining area by the leaders of cutting-edge companies is seen as a chance to expand the workspace.

To increase the productivity of employees, the employer seeks to diversify office life.

Therefore, the dining area is supplemented by a recreation area, which is often a place for games, creative or physical activities. But the need for privacy persists each company needs negotiation rooms, and renting offices in Kiev with meeting rooms is also relevant for the IT business. Quiet areas and other similar rooms are equipped with additional sound insulation and all the necessary means for comfortable work: communication, comfortable furniture, appropriate lighting and climate control.

3.Technology + environmental friendliness

First of all, we are talking about the convenience of using communications and equipment:

  • Modern space should be riddled with Wi-Fi networks with free access. Fortunately, renting an office without the Internet today is unrealistic.
  • Sockets and switches are placed taking into account the possible transformation of the workspace.
  • Tracking systems are used as light sources, so office furniture can be moved or assembled to simulate a workspace.
  • A USB port at the end of a bookcase or kitchen counter top in modern interiors is not uncommon.


  • Particular attention is paid to the availability of climate equipment and ventilation systems, without which office rent in Kiev is not even considered.
  • If a conservatory is organized on the territory of the office premises, then it will turn into a healthy workspace.
  • Indoor plants also contribute to a healthy environment.
  • In addition, in the interiors try to use
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