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Business center Astarta

Kyiv, st. Yaroslavskaya, 58, Kiev, Ukraine
District: Podilskyi
Rental rate: 25$
Operating payments: 5$
Office class: A (Rent)

The business center Astarta, Yaroslavskaya str., Is an A class office complex, is a new and unique offer to rent office space in terms of quality, architectural, ecological and aesthetic parameters.
Renting an office in BC Astarta is an opportunity to rent an office in a business center located in the historic, picturesque district of Kiev, an office center at the intersection of ul. Yaroslavskaya, st. Naberezhno-Khreshchatitskaya Str. Lower Shaft. Located in the courtyard of the business center, the recreational zone will become a favorite and cozy place for visitors to the business center, where you can enjoy nature and peace.
BC Astarta, on the street. Yaroslavskaya, 58 - Class A office rental: a worthy addition to the business infrastructure of Podol, surrounded by business centers such as Kanyon Business Center, Domino Business Center, Podol Plaza Business Center, Ilyinsky Business Center, Vladimirsky Business Center, Borisoglebsky Business Center, Bulgakov Business Center and others.
The infrastructure of the complex is thought out taking into account the services and wishes most frequently used by tenants. The BC Astarta (Astarta) provides three conference rooms, a backup center, a bank, a travel agency, a notary, a personal services center, an underground and above-ground parking. On the 1st floor there is a coffee shop gallery, lobby, dining room, restaurants and much more. .

Rental options at Astarta Business Center

The tenant is invited to rent an office with repair or carry out repairs to the premises on their own. Common areas: hall, lobby, lift halls, corridors, bathrooms, smoking rooms are equipped and equipped with a management company.
Successful transport links to the business center Astarta (Astarta) is carried out from the street. Bottom Val, st. Yaroslavskaya, st. Naberezhno-Khreshchatitskaya, as well as the nearest st. Pochayninskaya, Shkavitskaya St., Verkhny Val St. BC Astarta BC is located near the metro station. Kontraktovaya Square, metro. Taras Shevchenko.

Additional Information

Metro station
Technical information
Other information
Kontraktova Ploshcha, Poshtova Ploshcha, Tarasa Shevchenka
BOM coefficient
Typical floor area
1812/1275/890 sq.m (in 1, 2 and 3 turns of the business center)
Room height
3,32 m
Power grids
110 W / sq.m with the possibility of increasing to 150 W / m2. 2 independent electrical inputs, uninterruptible power supply (diesel generator)
Security systems
24 hour security, video surveillance system. Fire extinguishing systems, security alarm
Fiber optic communication lines
Central heating systems
Autonomous heating system Buderus, roof gas boiler
Ventilation and air conditioning systems
Multizone climate control system. Supply and exhaust ventilation with heat recovery
The presence of elevators
19 (KONE high-speed elevators, 8,7 and 4 in the corresponding BC queues)
190 (covered 2-level parking)
Access to the building
Utility costs payable
Electricity, water supply, heat supply and cold supply
Lease Term
from 3 years
Другие сведения
Business center Astarta is a rental office of a business center in Podol. Office rent with repair and office rent "for repair". If you need to rent an office near the metro station. Kontraktovaya Square, or you need to rent an office with panoramic views of the Dnieper - Astarta BC will satisfy the most demanding customer.
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Vacant space: 175.56; 344.60; 52.00 sq.m
Vacant space

Object location

st. Yaroslavskaya, 58, Kiev, Ukraine
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