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Proper organization of office space motivates employees to work efficiently, allows them to fully realize their professional potential and reduces fatigue at the end of the day. Maintaining a comfortable office environment has a positive effect on the company's financial well-being.

Visitors' first impression of the company is based on the aesthetic components of the office.

Comfortable workspace

How to create a workspace that will be comfortable for everyone? After all, the criteria for assessing the level of convenience are different for everyone. Despite the obvious subjectivity in the business environment, certain trends have been observed for a long time:

the interior should look presentable and cozy (like in the offices of Google and Warby Parker);

  • it is important to make the best use of all available space and adhere to a restrained ceremonial style;
  • it is necessary to correctly place accents with the help of lighting;
  • furniture must be functional and comfortable;
  • the layout is intuitive and ergonomic;
  • the interior should emphasize the corporate identity of the company.

If you are planning to rent an office in Kiev, then proceed from the listed criteria. Because the cost of a radical redevelopment in a business center will be expensive.

Creating a workspace in the manager's office

In the office of the head, as a rule, there is more impressive furniture and appliances. This emphasizes a more privileged position, and also demonstrates the level of well-being of the organization when holding meetings. So that visitors can see how firmly and confidently the company stands on its feet.

Arrangement of the working area

Companies that prefer "open space" should equip individual workplaces for their employees, this will help to visually divide the available space, and small partitions and soft panels will play an important role in noise reduction. Every employee should have an individual workspace, no matter how outgoing extrovert he may be. Otherwise, concentration problems may arise.

According to the existing sanitary standards, the optimal temperature range for comfortable work in the office is from +21 to +25 degrees Celsius. Air humidity should not exceed 60% when working with a personal computer.

Conference room

Conference halls or meeting rooms are necessary for a better perception of new information, for receiving guests and media representatives, for simultaneously conveying the main ideas of the management to all employees of the organization, conducting voting and making collective decisions for the benefit of the company, as well as for training employees. As a rule, a conference room for more efficient work is equipped with a screen, a projector, a flip-flop. There are already equipped conference rooms in the business centers of Kiev, you just need to follow the reservation.

Archive and library

This is a small, isolated space in which an employee can hide from the hustle and bustle of the work and study important documents in a quiet environment. A calm atmosphere allows you to better understand the essence of information, make informed decisions and get the job done more efficiently. Therefore, it is important that the room is completely isolated from external stimuli. Its presence is especially important in open-plan offices, where only the top managers of the company have a personal account.

Command capsule

It differs from an archive and a library in that several people can gather in it to work on one project. Sometimes it is enough just to separate a certain space (with a blind curtain, glass walls or a screen) in the office, if the layout does not provide for such a room in the business center. The ideal location for employees is opposite each other. This allows for a better conversation.

The waiting area

There should be the most comfortable furniture made in a modern laconic style. It is necessary to treat the design of the waiting area extremely responsibly, since it will be the business card of the company.


Should be equipped with everything necessary so that employees can temporarily escape from monotonous work and eat during their lunch break. The break room allows you to communicate with colleagues in a more relaxed atmosphere, in which there is no officialdom. This brings together and gives impetus to the emergence of original ideas.

The break room kitchen area is not intended for storing food. It provides conditions for quickly warming up homemade meals.

What should be in a modern office?

All the attributes of comfort that are currently available. That is, it should be light, warm, stylish, safe, spacious and comfortable. Stuffy offices, uncomfortable chairs, dusty bulky cabinets, annoying lamp lighting are leaving the past. Modern offices are multifunctional comfortable spaces that contribute to productive work throughout the entire working day. The furniture is made from sustainable materials. The premises are spacious and properly zoned. Workplaces are equipped for the individual characteristics of a person.

How to equip an office?

It should be based on a certain standard. Now the majority of business centers in Kiev equip offices as follows:

  • stylish shelving, armchairs and tables;
  • not bulky equipment;
  • the presence of a centralized ventilation and air conditioning system;
  • dining / kitchen area;
  • necessary stationery;
  • cooler with water (its volume is calculated based on the number of office employees).

The better the working conditions, the more productive employees are performing their tasks.

Choosing office furniture

Furniture should be as comfortable as possible! This is especially true of the chair, behind which a person will spend an 8-hour working day. It must be adjustable so that you can adjust the backrest, tuck the armrests and raise / lower the seat. The chair is obliged to withstand such manipulations, so you should not buy low-quality models.

The materials used in the manufacture of such furniture must be environmentally friendly and safe for the human body. The body of an employee cannot be under stress (back, neck, legs, arms), therefore, ergonomic chairs and suitable tables should be chosen.

Office computer

Each office has computers. They have long been an integral part of the workflow. They should be selected based on the tasks that you plan to delegate to your employees. If a company is involved in programming or design, then you need powerful computers that can withstand prolonged work in "heavy" programs. PC components must also be of high quality.

Office equipment

It should be chosen in the same way as computers - based on the needs. If you plan to photocopy, scan and send a fax, you should use an MFP (multifunctional device). If huge volumes of printing are expected, then it is necessary to use printers with a high speed of work.

To avoid pulling wires, make sure the printer has Wi-Fi. This will simplify its interaction with a PC and increase the comfort of printing for office workers.

Kitchen utensils

If there are many employees, then it is recommended to install a coffee machine with large tanks for water and beans in the office kitchen. She has to make different kinds of drinks because each employee has different tastes. It is not necessary to buy a coffee machine. It can be rented. An excellent option for those who do not have extra funds to purchase such kitchen appliances.

First aid kit

Must be completed for 30 people. As a rule, it contains drugs and medical instruments that make it possible to provide first aid for open wounds, with a surge in pressure, with heart attacks.

The presence of disinfectants, antipyretic, antihypertensive and anesthetic agents in the first-aid kit is mandatory. They will significantly ease the situation until the ambulance arrives.

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