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Coworking or a full-fledged office, which is better?

Author: Anna Dubovik - commercial real estate expert

Self-employed freelancers and young professional teams choose coworking. Why? Because this way of organizing work has a lot of advantages, ahead of classic offices and remote work from home. In Ukraine, it has just begun to be popularized, while in Europe and the USA, coworking is already fully used in business activities.

This business space model allows a person to effectively organize time management. It also makes it possible to choose the most suitable workplace by agreement with the owner of the office space. Its role can be played by the management company, which owns the entire business center. Or an entrepreneur who decided to rent an office space and lease it to coworkers (this is the name of sublease).

Advantages of renting an office in a coworking space

A freelancer or entrepreneur does not professionally burn out while working in such offices. Because he can change his workplace every day by booking another table in the room in advance. This change of scenery has a positive effect on the thought processes. Comfortable conditions and interesting people who come to the office with their business ideas also protect from professional burnout. They are able to inspire with their actions and words. Other benefits of modern coworking:

  • Optimal conditions for health promotion are created - good equipment is placed for preparing tonic drinks, sanitary hygiene is observed, exercise machines are installed, and comfortable kitchens and dining areas are provided.
  • There is a great opportunity to find business partners and like-minded people.
  • Money is saved because renting an office in Kiev is more expensive than renting a workplace.
  • No utility costs. The landlord takes care of them. He initially includes a similar item of expenses in the rental price.
  • You can rent a workplace for one day, for a week, for a month, for six months, a year, and so on.
  • Modern office equipment available. The operating cost is either formed separately from the rental cost, or is included in it.
  • Some entrepreneurs organize various courses and workshops in the coworking space. You can visit them while in the same business center.
  • The address of the business center is available for receiving various correspondence. Many people post it on their business cards.
  • There is no relaxed home environment. Work is always in full swing in coworking spaces. Looking at how others are working, I want to keep up and continue to work on my project.
  • There is the possibility of renting a meeting room, which has all the conditions for comfortable business conversations.
  • Visiting the office is possible around the clock. Most business centers work 24/7.

Collaborative workspaces also create a stunning symbiosis of functionality and design. You want to stay in such rooms as long as possible. By the way, there is one regularity - the higher the competition in the coworking market among business centers, the higher the quality of the office space offered.

Cons of renting an office in a coworking space

You will have to spend money and time on the road. In this regard, working from home (remotely) is more profitable and convenient. If you have a car, then check the availability of parking in the business center and the cost of placing the vehicle. If you plan to get there by public transport, then check the distance of the stops from the business center. More disadvantages of coworking:

  • quick fatigue during work due to the constant movement of people around (this is not typical for many people);
  • noise (complicates telephone conversations);
  • queue to the meeting room (private conversations with clients or partners on a first come, first served basis);

It is also difficult to avoid prying eyes in a coworking space. Therefore, it is better to choose desktops. Farther from the central area of ​​the room.

What are the advantages of traditional offices versus collaborative workspaces?

The main advantage is that you don't have to share your office with anyone. An employee of the company has no problems with access to the meeting room. Can easily avoid background noise. Doesn't need to constantly hide your own ideas / developments from prying eyes.
Another advantage of the office is the maximum guarantee of confidentiality. It is extremely important if the main value of the company is intellectual property. Other advantages of an office over a coworking space:

  • convenient control of personnel activities (discipline is above all);
  • corporate cohesion;
  • the ability to set your own rules for using the workspace for employees.

Renting an office without an intermediary in a business center is the prerogative of companies for which data security is important. If you have any difficulties with renting an office or a workplace in a business center, please contact our consulting company. We will help with the search and execution of a lease agreement.

Which companies do not like coworking? The specifics of the business activities of some companies do not allow them to move to a flexible form of work. For example, banks. Although the practice of remote customer service is already popular in Japan. It will not reach us soon.

Also, coworking does not require companies that need to constantly communicate with customers with their own eyes.

Thus, we can say that coworking and office have their pros / cons. The company must decide for itself - which is better? If this is not possible, you need to consult with experts. If you have difficulty finding suitable rental offers, you can ask for help from our consulting company.

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