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The stage of viewing the premises for an entrepreneur begins immediately after choosing several offices that are suitable for the following parameters - location, layout, quadrature. The procedure itself is not complicated, you just need not to lose sight of the significant nuances. At first glance, they will seem insignificant, but during the operation of the office they can create certain problems.

During the inspection, you should conduct a dialogue with the landlord, showing perseverance and integrity in some aspects. The main message is “trust but verify”.

Our consulting company wants to tell you about all the nuances of choosing an office space. Tips and tricks will help you find the best place to be active in your business.

Mandatory assessment of the infrastructure of a business center

When you arrive at the building where the office is rented, assess the surrounding infrastructure. Are there pharmacies, banks, shops, shopping centers, restaurants and cafes nearby? How far is the business center from the metro, bus stop, parking area? Also, for some office employees, it may be important to have schools, kindergartens, gyms and copy centers near the business center.

Make sure that your employees are comfortable commuting to work. It is not advisable to choose an office that is located next to major highways or in an industrial area.

The presence of a guarded parking zone will be a big advantage. The employee will understand that his vehicle is in a secure location and will be able to fully concentrate on work.

Also, a good infrastructure will make a positive impression on your customers and partners.

We go inside the business center

The building should be nice and clean. If it is pleasant and convenient for you to be in it, then the business center will suit your employees as well. Pay attention to the location of the office, the recreation areas, and the security system.

Successful companies prefer to rent offices in class A and B business centers. They not only have a beautiful facade, but also a wonderful interior, maximum engineering equipment, and a modern control system. If you are not ready to afford renting an office in such business centers, then you can focus on middle class buildings. There are also decent options among them.

It is the exterior of the building and the interior that your clients will pay attention to. Their opinion about your company will be formed already at this stage. Then it may change, but, as you know, the first impression is the most correct one. Once again, point by point (for consolidation):

  • Rate access to the building. Business centers of class A, B + and B have access 24/7.
  • Examine the center entrance group. The cost of maintenance services, which the tenant pays, includes cleaning and security of public areas of the business center.
  • Pay attention to ventilation and air conditioning systems. A properly organized system of ventilation and air conditioning of office premises guarantees a decrease in the incidence of sickness among employees and, as a result, high labor productivity, and a decrease in sick leave payments.
  • Check the operation of the elevators. A ladder is also required,
  • Go to the dining room and conduct a thorough analysis for its compliance with the current requirements of SNiP and sanitary standards. The dining room should have a good exhaust system so that odors do not spread throughout the floor, penetrating through the ventilation into offices and common areas.
  • Don't walk past the bathroom. Evaluate the level of its cleanliness, and also pay attention to the availability of hygiene products in the required quantities. All ventilation systems must be in good working order.

What to check after entering the office?

Start your detailed inspection on the walls, ceilings, and floors. The presence of cracks, mildew, mold, holes and other defects is unacceptable. Next, take the time to engineering systems. Turn on ventilation and air conditioning.

It is important that all systems work correctly, creating an optimal indoor climate for productive work. It is unacceptable to exceed the temperature above + 20-25 degrees Celsius. In such conditions, a person is prone to rapid fatigue. Other aspects that cannot be ignored:

  • the number of sockets (additional installation may be required, this is agreed with the management company);
  • the condition of the furniture (if there is one in the office);
  • type of layout;
  • level and type of lighting;
  • the number of established Internet providers.

In other words, you need to check that the office is in compliance with the class declared by the landlord. If a discrepancy is found, then you can refuse the lease or ask for a reduction in its value. If the conditions and infrastructure are fully consistent with the designated class, then you can proceed to the next step.

Terms of agreement - familiarization

All wording of the agreement must be precise, clear and understandable. It must contain information about who should pay for utilities and security services (as well as in what period of the month, quarter.

Other mandatory items:

  • Circumstances for mutual or unilateral termination of the contract.
  • The procedure for transferring an office for rent.
  • Features of the resolution of arising disputes.
  • Bank details of the parties.
  • The amount of the rent.
  • Landlord verification is a mandatory procedure

Find out who you are dealing with. If this is a legal entity or individual offering sublease, then ask him for documents that confirm the consent of the owner of the office to re-lease the premises already rented from him.

If the owner of the office is in front of you, then ask him for documents confirming the ownership. Also, ask for a passport and check its data with the data specified in the papers on ownership.

If you have a representative of the owner in front of you, then ask him for a power of attorney. This document will legally confirm the right of this person to represent the interests of the real owner of commercial real estate.

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