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Hot Desking - what is it?

Author: Anna Dubovik - commercial real estate expert

Hot Desking is a new office space organization model with shared desktops. That is, a separate place is not assigned to employees. They occupy space after preliminary agreement (agree among themselves)

This approach allows for high mobility of employess and optimization of office use. This model was first used in the United States in th 90s. The main reason for using it is to sace the company's budget.

As practice has shown. the system of vacant workplaces has ideally taken root in firms in which employees (not all, but only a part of them, or one or two people), are on the road for work. At the same time, their place is empty idle. If the office if rented, then the tenant pays a certain amount for this place. Therefore, American and European companies decided to get rid of these costs and switched to the Hot Desking system (hot tables). In Ukraine, this concept of using office space only gaining in popularity.

How does the modern model work?

The employee who arrives at the office before everyone else can take any of the vacant seats. Another employee who arrives at work closer to 10-11 o'clock is content with a limited choice. The third worker is placed in the remaining free space-he has no choise. All of the use personal passwords and logins to enter a common corporate network throught an installed computer.

The bosses can choose a flexible scheule so that after the end of the work shift of one employee, another will come to his place (to work on the second shift). This concept allows you to save money and rent small offices for a large number of staff. It is possible to book a workplace. This is done i two ways-through a receptionist of through the corporate system.

The main idea of the loose seats policy is to exclude the personalization of the workspace for each employee. It is not suitable for all companies. It is used by large IT companies, audit and consulting agencies.

In flexible offices, literally everything can be transformed-changing the arrangement of tables, adjusting the number of workplaces, changing their functional meaning. Oftern in such offices, raised floors are installed so that you can quckly change the direction of cable networks (low-current) and computer communications located under them. There are also mobile partitions.

General workplaces - rules of use 

Each employee must maintain cleanliness in their place. To do this, he need to use wet wipes. With their help, you can periodically wipe the table, computer, armrests of office chairs.

The second rule is that after the end of work, no personal belongings of the employee should be left on or near the desk. It is recommended to carefully inspect  the work area before leaving.

Other rules:

-it is important to always find a common language with a colleague (this is only way to agree with him about booking a workplace);

-if there is a program for booking seats, you need to learn how to use it (so that no controversial situations arise in the office, time is not wasted on finding out who has taken which place);

-bosses must provide their employees with comfortabe and egronomic furniture.

The Hot Desking system assumes that all equipment in the office is perfectly configured and works without interruptions. Since there will be employees of different departments for a long time.

Advantages of the Loose Space Concept 

The efficiency of using the available office space is increased. The company saves money by renting medium-sized premises.

Other benefits:

 -the productivity of each worker increases (the atmosphere of general employment contributes to this);

-departments communicate well with each other (no need to run around offices and look for the right specialist);

-сreativity is stimulated;

-current problems are promptly resolved;

-employess are deeply immersed in the processes;

-friendly and professional relations among employees are strenghened.

The hot table model will be useful for small start-up projects and for companies renting office space in the elite districys of the city, where the cost per square meter is several times higher than the market one.

Other options for organizing your workspace 

Considering that thw office layout is losing its popularity, the following formats for organizing the workspace can be distinguished:

Coworking. Rent of a workplace for a specific time.

Open Space. Division of the office into small offices, by erecting capital partitons with the assignment of the workplace to the employee/

5S system. Rhe pricniple of order and cleanliness in the workplace.

The hot table system looks the most advatageous. It has already been successfully used abroad and is gradually being introduced in domestic business. Our consulting agency will help you find the best offieces equipped according to the "Hot Desking" сoncept in the center in Kiev.

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