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Coworking space is a new way to save on rent of work space

Author: Anna Dubovik - commercial real estate expert

Coworking space is a new way to save on rent of work space
Coworking is a large space with an organized arrangement of workplaces where people of different specialties come to work. They can use furniture and the Internet, drink coffee and tea in a specially designated area and come to the coworking center at any time convenient for them.

They are not under pressure from the general regulations, rules and dress code requirements. Professionals can focus on specific tasks and work for their own pleasure.

That is, coworking promotes productive work in a home-like environment. By specialists we mean people of the following professions - marketers, designers, copywriters, designers, individual entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups, advertisers, IT specialists, etc.

The history of coworking or how it all began

In 2005, programmer Brad Newberg, who lives in San Francisco, reflected on the fact that it was extremely uncomfortable to work under pressure from his superiors. He also did not like working at home, since there was no such atmosphere of employment and vigorous activity that is present in the office.
Brad started looking for premises, with the aim of renting it. A few months later, he realized that the prices in the city were too high and that he would not be able to rent an office himself. Then Newberg found an original way out of this situation - he rented a spacious premises, created several jobs in it and announced that he was ready to lease these places to everyone. The payment turned out to be symbolic. There were a lot of people who wanted to work in a relaxed atmosphere. A year later, the idea of ​​renting a space for a coworking space was recognized all over the world.

Advantages and disadvantages of coworking

The workspace has a modern interior, so you can feel free to hold business meetings with partners. Also one of the advantages is the price - it is cheaper to rent a workplace in a coworking space than to rent a large office space. Other benefits:

  • availability of the necessary furniture, office equipment, electricity, internet and recreation areas;
  • work environment without uniform rules;
  • the opportunity to exchange experience with like-minded people (a fresh look is extremely important in work);
  • renting a place for any time - from an hour to several months and years;
  • participation in free seminars and trainings, which are often held in the coworking center;
  • you can find a partner among people who also rent a workplace;
  • troubleshooting is done by the person who provided the workspace;
  • the possibility of using the coordinates of the location of the center as a legal address in official documents.

Along with the pluses, coworking also has minuses. For example, people who work near you may make noise. You need to learn not to react and not be distracted by noise. The best option is to concentrate as much as possible on performing a large amount of work. Other cons:

  • there is no guarantee that a decent person works next to you (theft of personal belongings is not excluded);
  • fines can be introduced into the coworking system (this must be clarified before signing the lease);
  • some centers have cramped workplaces (you have to sit back to back);

Thanks to renting an office in a coworking space in Kiev, it is possible to develop medium and small businesses. Also, this option is used by large companies that send a certain number of their employees to such places so that they can work on a project in a relaxed atmosphere.

Varieties of coworking centers

They can be specialized or open source. In the first, specialists from a certain field of activity can come to work, in the second - everyone who wishes. Specialized centers are of the following directions:

  • Office. These spaces include study rooms, conference rooms, meeting rooms, classrooms and recreation areas.
  • Creative. The interior is bright and extraordinary. It promotes effective creative processes. Also in such centers there are non-standard workplaces.
  • Handmade. In such spaces, master classes in sewing, carving, drawing, modeling, etc. are usually organized. The premises of such centers may have a minimum amount of furniture. Or they can have large tables.
  • Baby. Spaces are organized for children where they can play, engage in developmental lessons, and eat.

There are also coworking spaces for women only and men only. Some centers have minimal content (in terms of office equipment and furniture). Along with them, there are spaces that even allow you to organize a small production. When it's warm outside, outdoor jobs are created.

What services can you expect in a coworking space?

In addition to renting a workplace, you can use other services - stable high-speed Internet, temporary location in a meeting room, use of office equipment, operation of projectors, demonstration boards, office supplies. Also, within the framework of coworking, you can

rent a parking space, use lockers, gyms, recreation areas, showers, etc.

When choosing a coworking space, you need to focus on the following criteria:

  • location;
  • operating mode;
  • the possibility of renting a place on weekends or after hours of the day;
  • what is included in the basic lease;
  • office space layout;
  • availability of additional services;
  • price;
  • transport accessibility;
  • history of the center.

Based on these parameters, you will be able to rent a coworking space in the Leonardo business center. For greater confidence, you can study the reviews of other freelancers who have had experience working with the owner of the workspace. The most popular coworking centers in Kiev:

  • Creative Quarter (from BC Astarta);
  • Platform (Leonardo BC);
  • Yourspace (BC Parus);
  • Club offices (UnitCity);
  • Creative State of Senator (from BC Senator).
  • Regus is a network of coworking centers, represented in the following business centers:
  • Forum West Side st. E. Teligi, 6
  • Avenue 53, Victory avenue, 53
  • Maidan Plaza Independence Square, 2
  • HORIZON TOWER st. Shelkovichnaya, 42-44
  • GULLIVER pl. Sports, 1-A
  • PODIL HERITAGE st. Verkhniy Val, 28
  • HORIZON PARK st. N. Grinchenko, 4
  • IQ Business Center st. Bolsunovskaya 13-15
  • SILVER BREEZE avenue Pavel Ticini, 1v

It is also recommended to clarify what events are regularly held in the center, what is the speed of the Internet provided, where you can have lunch / breakfast / dinner.

If you are interested in renting a coworking space in Podil, our professionals will help you choose the right option. We provide assistance in finding a workspace in all districts of Kiev.

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