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There are three main types of office layouts- closed (office), open and mixed. Each of them presupposese the arrangement of a working space, an office, a manager's office, a meeting room and reception and entrance group. The only differences are in the way these zones are separated in the office.

Professionals should create such a layout sh that it is convenient for each employess and promores productive work. It is equally important to correctly place all means of coommunication 


Poins to be paid attention to when choosing a laylout

The key point is the purpose of the office. The manager needs to answer the question - will there be meeting with customers and clients in the office area? If the answer is yes, then it is necessary to create an interior that is conducive to a comfortable stay of guests, If negative, then you can organize an authentic office interior for more productive work of all staff.

Other important points:

  • the number of employees (the more there are, the higher the chances of creating an open plan);
  • arrangement of furniture and lighting (the choice is made based on the design project  an open plan);
  • personal preferences of the leader;
  • the size and shapre of the office space;
  • the need to creatr additional premises based on the specifics of the organization (for example, a small warehouse, a showroom, a server room, a recreation area)

The choice of decor is also an important point. It shouldn't be too formal or distracing. Modren offices prefer an informal work environment. It relaxes employess and customers by helping them interact more productively with each other. At the same time, colors and design solutions that would distract staff from work are not allowed. That is, neutral soft tones are preferred.

In the decor, it is important to have the right combination of colors and shades, various textures, and design solutions. All this emphasizes the image and status of the company.


Open plan (Open Space, American version)

It does not require dividing the office into small offices by  erecting capital partitions. It implies the use of large and spacious rooms in which there is a visual (symbolic) division into functional zones. Mobile partitions made of plastic, plasterboard and glass can be used as dividers. They also have the efferct of noise absorption. Also in offices, translucent of completely transparent doors are installed.

Open floor plans first appeared in the West back in the eatly 20th century. It is mainly used by offices that rely on activ communications. Distinctive features of Open Space:

  • in-line and island arrangement of employess tables;
  • the managment is in a sperate room;
  • good circulation and air conditioning;
  • there are solid partitions only in the bathroom;
  • visitors do not need to run around the offices and look fot the right specialist.

The open floor plan allows employees to instantly exchange intersting work solutions and ideas. All furniture is ergonomioc and modern. Some  executives want it to be mobile so that it can be realocated over time (changing environments can increast prodictivity).

An american version of the office helps the management  to save on rent. There is on nees to overpay for extra square meters. This is especially true for companies operating in the city center, where the rent of office space costs a lot of money.

Also, this type of layout allows the boss to observe how the staff works from his office (if the glass walls and blinds are open).



This is a more modern model of organizing the workflow in the office. It assumes a single corporate newtwork, which can be entered from any computer using personal data. Such a system allows the employee not to be in the office and to perform the assigned tasks remotely. Its advantage is the unlimited expansion of staff and saving on the rental of office real estate. 


Cabinet (closed) office layout 

This is a more classic room with clear divivsion of personnel. It is necessary for compaines that seek to create a privare atmposphere - banks, medical institutions, law firms, publishing houses. This layout guarantees silence, comfort and protection from prying eyes.

In a medium-sized office, one or several employees can work (the exact number despends on the area of the room). In such an environment, the level of teamwork decreases, as employees cannot quickly exchange interesting ideas and make instant decision. But in each office there are all the necessary attributes for the comfortable work of the unit.

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