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Fashion trends in the Kiev office market

Author: Anna Dubovik - commercial real estate expert

The choice of office is an important component of the functioning of the company, the office is like a showcase of business. The interior stimulates the creativity of employees, the courage of decisions, the dynamics and strength of mind, creates the image of the company with the client.

The most popular requests for renting offices in Kiev today are the rent of offices - lofts. As before, for companies, the priority is to offer offices for renting offices as close to the center as possible, or for renting offices near metro stations. The lack of an enviable location, can compensate for a large parking lot, developed infrastructure of the object and its ergonomics.

What do we mean by value loft office

Loft style (Loft) as a kind of interior design, originates in the middle of the twentieth century. Initially, a loft is an abandoned, industrial facility converted into low-cost commercial space. Today, more and more office decoration in the style of a loft can be found in modern business centers.

аренда офиса на Подоле

Loft-style office in the business center Bulgakov

The main feature of loft space is the feeling of industrial space: a large spacious room, high ceilings, panoramic windows, rough decoration of walls, ceiling and floor, keeping visible overall elements and communications, such as ventilation ducts, pipelines, and beams.

Some owners of office objects cooperate with excellent design bureaus and are ready to create creative office spaces together with tenants. Skillful zoning of premises, properly selected pieces of furniture and decorative elements, high-quality lighting of the space will confirm the universality of the loft style in which you can implement the most unexpected solutions.


Modern loft-style offices are offices with chic, but without pathos.

We analyzed several office objects in the style of a loft and objects in which this style can be implemented. Let's analyze some sentences.

Modern loft-style offices are offices with chic, but without pathos.

We analyzed several office objects in the style of a loft and objects in which this style can be implemented. Let's analyze some sentences.

Loft offices with high ceilings, from 4 meters or more

Business center Lagoda, st. Field, 21

Лофт-офис, Лагода

Loft office, business center Lagoda

The business center consists of several buildings, organized in a single complex, with a developed infrastructure, including a conference service, parking, barbecue area and a cafe.

Most of the office space is implemented in a loft style: brick walls, visible beams, pipes, the implementation of room lighting complements the overall atmosphere.

Office Center Glybochytsky, st. Glubochitskaya 17M.

One of the buildings of the business center has advantageous design features - rooms with a ceiling height of 6 meters or more. Large windows, a huge open space will allow to embody the most daring ideas in the design of the office in the style of a loft.

Important advantages of the business center are good transport accessibility, proximity to the metro station, a large parking lot, and a concert hall unique for such facilities, which can be used for holding conference events, presentations or organizing corporate meetings.

Office center Mayak Vestdom, Moscow avenue, 8

аренда офиса в стиле Loft

Loft-style room at Petrovka

The complex of buildings for administrative and industrial purposes, where you can rent an office of a classic look, or rent a room with high ceilings, and organize a trendy loft office space with minimal investment.

The developed business district of Petrovka, excellent transport accessibility, the availability of a metro station within walking distance are the advantages of the Mayak Westdom office center.

Loft-style offices in modern business centers

Business Center Bulgakov, st. Bottom shaft 17

A small business center at Podol, in which, in addition to standard office premises, at the request of the tenants, loft-style offices were implemented. The walls with visible brickwork, visually open technological objects passing through the ceiling, the original lighting solution - create a unique look of the office.

Business Center West Side, st. E.Teligi, 6

аренда офиса в стиле лофт

Loft Elements, West Side Business Center

The office center is already remembered only by the appearance of the facade, who at least once passed on the street. Helen Teligi. Already from the threshold of the central entrance to the business complex you will be pleasantly surprised by the friendly industrial style of the interior.

The tenant is given the opportunity, together with the management company, to realize his dream office, often a loft-style office.

Loft office in class A business centers

Business Center Parus, st. Mechnikov, 2

The Parus Business Center is one of the first professional class A office centers in Kiev. The undeniable advantage of renting an office in the Parus business center is its location in the very center of Kiev, pedestrian accessibility to several metro stations, and excellent viewing characteristics that ensure large panoramic windows.

Increasingly, modern companies are implementing office in the style of a loft, emphasizing not only status, but also their individuality and originality.

Business center IQ, st. Bolsunovsky, 13-15

Renting an office in the business center IQ (IQ) for many is associated with high status. Facade, interior, business center infrastructure - from the first minutes of your stay in the IQ business center you will feel yourself in a unique business environment.

Loft-style offices, realized in the IQ business center, complemented by exclusive pieces of furniture and decor - will give your office an elite color.

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