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Modern business rhythm, richness and multitasking of work performed by company employees, holding a large number of negotiations and other business meetings often entails a long stay in the office of a large number of people.

To be able to discuss interesting questions in an informal setting, or just to take a break, “reboot” - someone rushes to drink another cup of coffee and smoke a cigarette, someone helps a short walk in the nearest park, and others - a little warm-up in the form of a board game, and maybe running on a treadmill ...

Be that as it may, more and more companies, when considering proposals for renting an office, are paying attention to the possibility of arranging a recreation area. For some, it’s enough within the office to have a separate room where you can spend a little time on your interests and hobbies, for others it is a priority to set up a small gym. One of the best approaches to solving this issue may be renting an office with a terrace.

офис с террасой в центре Киева

Office with a terrace in the center of Kiev, Leonardo Business Center

What advantages do we get when renting an office with a terrace !?

  • beautiful view of Kiev

As a rule, terraces, balconies are arranged on the upper floors of business centers, from where a panorama of the modern city opens;

  • extra space

In a number of business centers, in agreement with the management company, you will be allowed to arrange a terrace for the possibility of holding presentations, meetings, filming and other events, as well as for organizing a recreation area for employees and guests of the company, while you do not occupy the main office space.

  • inexpensive pleasure

More often, the cost of renting a terrace is low compared to renting the main office space. In some cases, having a terrace can be a nice bonus when renting a large office space that does not require additional costs.

In which business centers of Kiev can you rent an office with a terrace?

Office rent with a terrace is mainly found in Class A business centers located in the central business part of Kiev. These include office property:

аренда офиса с террасой в бизнес центре Киева

Office rental with a terrace with an IQ business center

Sofia, trans. Rylskogo, 6. This is a rental office near Sophia Square, near historical, architectural and memorial sites. Small terraces-balconies of office premises overlook the courtyard of the business center.

IQ Bussiness Center, st. Bolsunovskaya, 13-15. Office rent in the business center on Druzhby Narodov Boulevard, not far from the Motherland Monument, Pevcheskoe (Spivoche) field. The architecture of the office building provides an excellent overview from any position. Offices with terraces in the IQ business center are an opportunity to enjoy the view of the Dnieper, the green slopes of the coast, and the panorama of the city without leaving the building.

Leonardo, st. B. Khmelnitsky, 19-21. Proposal for renting an office in the Shevchenko district. Located on the upper floors, offices with terraces offer views of the Opera House, old streets and courtyards of the surrounding area, hotels, restaurants and boutiques that adorn the capital.

Toronto-Kiev, st. Bolshaya Vasilkovskaya, 100. Office rent in a modern business center on the right bank. On the upper floors of the building you have the opportunity to rent an office with a terrace or balcony. Here you will see what a particularly beautiful evening Kiev is, filled with the illumination of urban infrastructure.

Терраса офиса в бизнес центре на ул.Житомирская

Office terrace in the business center on Bolshaya Zhytomyr street

Sail, Mechnikova str., 2. Rent office in the business center of Kiev. The advantages of renting an office in the Parus business center are the location of the building: a good road junction, including the nearest metro stations, allows you to drive in any direction you need. On one of the floors of the business center is a large spacious terrace overlooking the Bessarabian Square.

Ilyinsky Str. Ilinskaya, 8. This is a rental office in Podol, near the street. Naberezhno-Khreshchatitskaya, Kontraktovaya Square, and the famous Andreevsky Spusk. It is possible to rent an office with a terrace on the upper floors of the business center, where you can observe the landscapes of the modern Podil.

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