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Office rent in Kiev - where to rent an office !?

Author: Anna Dubovik - commercial real estate expert

For each company, regardless of its size and scope of activity, there comes a time when it is necessary to find suitable premises for a new office. Reasons for finding a room can be very different:

  • state expansion;
  • opening a new representative office or branch of a company;
  • optimization of company resources;
  • search for a more convenient and profitable location.
office rental in the center of Kiev

Business center Rubin, Steep descent, 7

In addition, each business is characterized by specific features that may require a change of location. In any case, the question of how to find a room for business, sooner or later, every developing entrepreneur asks himself.

For the successful implementation of this task, you must first determine the requirements of the business. Depending on which indicator plays a key role for the company, you will choose the appropriate office for the company.


БЦ Торонто Киев, ул.Большая Васильковская,

Toronto Kiev, Bolshaya Vasilkovskaya st., 100

To rent an office in Kiev that would meet your requirements, you should consider a few standard characteristics:

  • location of the office center: convenient transportation, proximity to public transport, busy streets and avenues;
  • infrastructure of the building: the presence of security systems and fire extinguishing, the use of energy-efficient technologies, modern systems of ventilation, air conditioning and heating, video surveillance systems, the availability of 24-hour security and access to its office;
  • Interior: area and layout of the desired office space, the availability of repairs and necessary communications;
  • exterior: the appearance of the office center, the presence of a spacious parking lot, the quality of the building maintenance;
  • the company's budget for office rent and the rates offered by the landlord.

Having drawn parallels between the requirements of your business and what the market offers, you can answer the question how to choose an office space in any part of the capital in the most comprehensive way..


West side, office rent near Dorohozhychi metro station

Business Center West Side, st. Helen Teligi, 6

Where better to rent an office in Kiev

Today in the rental market for commercial real estate quite often offers to rent an office without repair. Such a solution in some cases has its advantages:

  • the ability to make repairs on an individual project;
  • carry out finishing work and design of the office, taking into account corporate themes;
  • create the most convenient layout for company employees.

In addition, subject to the repair yourself, you can negotiate with the lessor on more favorable conditions of cooperation for your company. Considering the fact that a loft-style office is a popular solution for modern business, you can minimize your expenses for renovating a room.


IQ BC- photo -fasad-evening

IQ Business Center, st. Bolsunovskaya, 13-15

Today, renting an office in the business centers of Kiev is of increasing interest among companies. Each of the entrepreneurs who can rent an office in the capital's business center will certainly appreciate the main advantages:

  • advantageous location of the building in any area of the capital;
  • availability of own security and fire extinguishing systems;
  • round the clock security and video surveillance;
  • cleaning services;
  • developed infrastructure of the building itself;
  • spacious parking and attractive exterior.

In most office centers in pricing, two indicators are applied: rental rate and operating charges (service charges). In addition, it is necessary to take into account the total area indicator (BOMA coefficient); in business centers, its value is often from 1.1 to 1.2. Also, as a rule, rental of parking spaces is taken into account as a separate item of expenses.

The closer the building of the office center is to the center of the city, the higher its status - the more expensive the rent. Do not forget about the golden rule: a company that rents a large area for a long term has every chance to agree on more favorable rental conditions and tariffs.

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