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Office for IT company

Author: Anna Dubovik - commercial real estate expert

You can hardly surprise anyone with ordinary desktops with a laptop. That is why international IT companies, wishing to increase the productivity of their employees, excel, wishing to turn boring and monotonous offices into original spaces in which new ideas are born. Ukrainian IT companies, in turn, are also unwilling to lag behind their Western counterparts. In this article, we will consider the following aspects that you should pay attention to when choosing an office for an IT company. :221

  • Renting an office for an IT company: what should I look for?
  • The right office for IT people, what is it?
  • Business centers for IT companies

Renting an office for an IT company: what is worth paying attention to?

When choosing a comfortable work space, first of all it is necessary to take into account the location of the business center: its transport accessibility and the surrounding infrastructure. An office in the central business district of Kiev (Pechersky, Shevchenkovsky, Podolsky, Goloseevsky districts) is more pleasant in terms of interchange and proximity to the metro, while the location of the office on the left bank may incur some inconvenience. However, if the majority of the company's employees live on the Left Bank of the city, then the offices located near the Poznyaki, Osokorky and Left Bank metro stations will be more than acceptable..

In this location you should pay attention to Silver Breeze Business Center , which is located on pr. Tychiny 1B, with excellent species characteristics on the Dnieper.

A very important component when choosing an office for IT companies is the technical characteristics of the business center: the level of air conditioning and air exchange, climate control, the presence of an uninterrupted power generator in the office building, and a raised floor.

It is worth clarifying how the transition of engineering systems from summer mode to winter mode is carried out in this or that office building. We will give an example of a comfortable transition from winter to summer mode (equipment of ventilation systems, air conditioning systems and heating) is carried out in two stages according to the readings of the outside air sensors, which are equipped with a dispatching system:

  1. At a temperature of +10 C, the dispatching system automatically turns off the floor heating system (hall 1 floor) and the fan coil circulation system
  2. At +15 ° C, the heating system is automatically turned off (ground floor and floor -1, common areas).
  3. At the same time, if the temperature drops below the above values, the systems will turn on automatically.
  4. The complete cessation of the heating system is carried out when a stable outdoor temperature of +17 C is reached.

The transfer of the cooling system to the operating mode is carried out according to the readings of the outside air sensors of the dispatch system. With a stable daily average ambient air temperature of more than + 50 ° C, the covers are removed and the cooling towers are filled with water, and the systems for heating the oil in refrigerating machines are started.

When the outside air reads +15 С - +17 С, a trial start of the cooling system takes place (regardless of the calendar, possibly in March and April).
Full translation of the systems into the SUMMER mode is carried out, as a rule, at the beginning of May.

Switching systems to ZIMA mode is carried out depending on the readings of the temperature sensors of the dispatch system in reverse order.

When the outdoor air temperature is reached (according to the readings of the dispatching system instruments) + 15С - + 17С (regardless of the calendar), the heating heating system is started in test mode. Under the threat of night frosts, cooling towers merge, and the chillers are put into conservation mode.

Full transition to the WINTER mode is carried out at an average daily temperature of + 10 ° C (regardless of calendar time). Thus, the off-season ZIMA-LETO switchings are carried out automatically depending on the actual change of seasons, without reference to specific dates. At the same time, the computerized dispatching system ensures smooth control of the operating modes of the air conditioning and heating systems, depending on the actual outdoor temperature. All this will ultimately affect comfortable stay in the office and business center as a whole..

The right office for IT people, what is it?

Global trends show that an office for IT developers should be quite non-standard, in which a person would not feel at work, but at the same time rather technological. In such a room can be a spacious open space area with several separate rooms, creative meeting room (meeting rooms), games, gyms. And in some companies there are designated relaxation areas with a well-equipped massage room or opposite it’s soundproofed and drum set-ups installed. img-20140814144447-152

Plants also play an important role in the arrangement of the office, because they not only create comfort, but also enrich the air. However, in the office for IT developers, the main role is played by proper zoning, original lighting solutions, a good conditioning system and air exchange, and in order to avoid hypoxia and problems with the cardiovascular system, it is necessary to control the oxygen level in the room. Large windows and a panoramic view of the city will play an important role in the selection and further arrangement of the office.

Comfortable Kiev business centers for IT companies

One of the most comfortable “A class” business centers is Astarta, UNIT.City, Leonardo, AZOR. The successful location of Astarte BC in the historic center of Kiev on the street. Yaroslavskaya, 58 attracted the attention of many international IT companies, among which Sigma Software, Siemens, Netcracker and many others can be distinguished. The business center can offer its tenants cozy and technological offices with raised floors, a 24/7 card access system, a developed infrastructure of the business center itself..

Companies engaged in innovative developments are likely to select such business centers as Horizon Park Business Center (12 Amosova St.), IQ, UNIT.City, 101 Tower. In the framework of UNIT.City, a business accelerator supporting start-ups operates, programs aimed at the intensive development of companies through mentoring, training, and expert support are developed..

Among the current tenants of Unit.City, DTEK, Bit-Flow, SolarGaps, Sonata IC Design and so on can be distinguished. One of the most successful locations can boast BC Leonardo, located opposite the National Opera of Ukraine. Shevchenko, which provides convenient access by foot from the metro station. Theatrical and Golden Gate. If you are a large outsourcing company, then you most likely will like the AZOR business center. The complex was built with all business needs.

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