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Operational payments - what is it?

Author: Anna Dubovik - commercial real estate expert

Renting an office in Kiev is increasingly represented by offers of office space in professional business centers. The main difference and advantage of modern business centers is the presence of a single management company. What does this mean for a tenant?

When studying the office lease agreement in modern business centers of Kiev, you will find a separate item, which deals with the costs of maintenance payments, or, as they are often called, after-sales service. In most cases, this section includes the following list of works and services subject to compensation:

  • Cleaning services for the adjacent territory and common areas of the business center, garbage, snow and ice in the winter;
  • Security services for the building and the adjacent territory of the office center;
  • Maintenance of fire alarm
  • Maintenance of air conditioning and ventilation;
  • Maintenance of water supply and drainage systems, power supply systems, maintenance of heating systems;
  • Boiler room maintenance;
  • Maintenance of elevators;
  • Maintenance of a transformer substation;
  • Room insurance;
  • Improvement of the adjacent territory and the hall of the business center: washing the exterior windows and the facade of the building, planting of greenery.

In each business center, the service provision provided by the management company may contain a larger or smaller list of works and services. In some cases, the cost of operating costs may include the compensation of utilities in whole or in part (except for electricity).

Let rent an office in Kiev bring your company new business development.

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