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BOMA coefficient, or common areas ratio

Author: Olga Zayarnyuk - office real estate market analyst
коэффициент БОМА

Коэффициент БОМА, расчет арендуемой площади

In the time-consuming process of finding a suitable office, potential tenants often ask the question: what is the total space ratio, and why is it used to calculate the cost of renting a future office.

The BOMA (Building Owners and Managers Association) standard proposed by the National Association of Building Owners and Managers is a method for measuring the leased area of ​​commercial premises, which is increasingly used in office real estate. The BOMA standard is used to take into account the ratios of the total area of ​​the building and the useful area used only by the tenant. Basically, its value is in the range from 1.07 to 1.2. The lower the ratio of common areas - the more efficiently the areas of a commercial object are used.

What kind of rooms are common areas? - This is the entrance group of the business center, elevator halls, common corridors, staircases and other zones actually used by tenants, but not directly related to his area of ​​responsibility.

In practice, the coefficient of effective use of the entire building or the coefficient of the floor is most often used.

How it looks in practice. For example: the usable area, office, retail space occupied by your company directly is 100 square meters, and the ratio of common areas is 1.12, then the rental cost is calculated for an area of ​​112 square meters.

Let the rental of a new office in Kiev, represented by modern real estate objects, be a pleasant event for your company.

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