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Room rental on the ground floor

Author: Anna Dubovik - commercial real estate expert

Often, for companies that need to rent premises on the 1st floor of a professional business center, the search for suitable premises is delayed in a long process. Let's try to help orient, and give examples of business centers in which we rent commercial premises on the first floor..

помещение 1 этажа бизнес центра

Business center SOUTH, pr. Moskovsky, 13B

To realize an open office, a show room, or a trade mission - the tenant needs a room with a separate front entrance, to provide for the possibility of advertising. An important criterion is also the location of the object in order to ensure greater throughput and flows of potential customers.

In Kiev, offers for renting premises on the 1st floor can be found in various business centers located both in the central part of the city and other areas that provide a large flow of visitors.

In the business center Senator (Senator), st. Moscow, 32/2, a modern business complex on Pechersk, you will be offered to rent small lots - islands in the lobby of the business center, ranging from 10 sq. M to 30 sq. M. Here you can rent a room for a boutique of gifts, a representative office of a travel company, a nail aesthetics salon, a dry-cleaner's office.


коммерческие помещения в холле бизнес центра

Business Center Senator, st. Moskovskaya 32/2     Rental of premises in the lobby of the business center

Premises with a separate entrance in the business center Senator, st. Moskovskaya, 32/2, is suitable for a bank branch, a beauty salon, a medical clinic, a showroom, and a clothing store. The area of ​​premises with a separate entrance from 120 sq. M to 316 sq. M

Business center on the street. Vladimirskaya, 38: excellent location of the business center in the historical center of Kiev, front location, rich traffic and pedestrian flows are attractive factors for renting commercial premises in the office center building.

The proposed premises with a separate entrance occupy an area of ​​600 square meters, located in 2 levels. Here you can place a bank branch, a representative office of the insurance company. Large display windows successfully underline the presence of your sales office, shop, showroom.

Rental of premises on the first floor is also possible in the business center Leonardo, ul. Bohdan Khmelnitsky, 19-21. Offices, boutiques, and representative offices of companies harmoniously complement the infrastructure of the business complex are located on the 1st floor of the business center.

Снять офис в БЦ Леонардо

Leonardo Business Center, business center hall

For renting large, spacious retail premises on the 1st floor of the business centers, rental offers at Petrovka, one of the most recognizable and visited shopping area of ​​Kiev, are suitable. Here you can place a spacious photographic studio, a bookstore, a boutique of textiles, a showroom of decorative elements, an open-type office for the demonstration of manufactured equipment or other products.

In the business center South, Moscow Avenue, 13B, you will be offered a room on the first floor with a separate entrance, with spacious front windows where you can place your advertising.

помещения с отдельным входом на 1м этаже

Business center SOUTH, Moscow avenue, 13B Premises with a separate entrance on the 1st floor

Rent commercial, office space on the 1st floor, with high ceilings, with a separate entrance is possible in the business center Verbny, st. Verbovaya, 17A. The business center is located a few minutes walk from the metro station. Petrovka, next to the recognizable book market. On the ground floor of the complex, you can mark out both the company's office and the warehouse and storage space.

Often on the first floor of business centers consider proposals for renting premises for a cafe, restaurant, premises for a boutique store: wine, cheese or tobacco shop. Rental of premises on the 1st floor for such tenants may be offered in the business center Panorama, ul. Big Zhitomirskaya, 20. The complex is located in close proximity to the favorite place for walking of Kiev residents and guests of the capital, near the Landscape Alley.

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