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Top 10 view offices in Kiev

Author: Anna Dubovik - commercial real estate expert

Excellent species characteristics, which tenants are aggressively looking for, do not have all the business centers of Kiev. Some objects offer very inspiring views of the historic center, the Dnieper or just stunning landscapes of the city. So BC "la Leonardo" has a magnificent view of the Opera House, Vladimir Cathedral, Shevchenko Park and just a beautiful panorama of the city center. In BC « IQ » — This is a fascinating panorama of the wide Dnieper, the Botanical Garden, and the well-known “Motherland mother”. From the upper floors in BC « Ilyinsky » on the one hand, there are views of the unique St. Andrew’s Church, the building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on the other — views of the Dnieper, Trukhanov island. In BC « SILVER BREEZE » — amazing views of the Dnieper embankment, the slopes of green hills, the dome of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, and fascinating sunsets.

Leonardo view office rental

And although rental rates in specific offices, as a rule, are more expensive (because of the species characteristics) - the rooms have a shorter exposure period compared to similar rooms, where the view from the windows is less impressive. The dependence of the rental rate on the view from the window exists, but this is not the main factor in the pricing policy, since all commercial conditions are taken into account: the area of the leased premises, the term of the rental agreement, the status of the company, etc. The difference in price “per view” can reach plus 15-20%.

Office complexes located in the city center or near any significant places, monuments of architecture, parks, rivers certainly possess elevated specific characteristics. When choosing such an office, the front glazing of a business center is of particular importance. The glazing system used must fully comply with the climatic conditions and energy saving requirements. In the case of aluminum frame glazing, the seal between glass and aluminum must be made of high-quality elastomers that retain their elasticity at an extremely wide temperature range. One of the most energy efficient types of glazing is Glas Trösch which blocks UV light and reduces heat loss. Based on the above, we present the 10 most specific business center of Kiev.

Business center « LEONARDO » (st. Bogdan Khmelnitsky, 19-21)

Leonardo is a combination of classic Ukrainian baroque and modern architecture. The business center is an ornament of the historical center of Kiev and, at the same time, harmoniously complements the current look of the capital. Panoramic windows tear off unique views of the city, combining the architectural change of epochs from the 18th century to the present day: the Opera Theater, the Vladimir Cathedral, the modern Hilton Hotel, and the business card of Kiev - ul. Khreshchatyk.

Leonardo city panorama

Business center « IQ » (Bolsunovskaya St., 13-15)

Unique architecture building with a helipad in the Pechersk district of Kiev. The engineering and technical equipment of the business center meets the highest standards. The energy-efficient glazing of the Glas Trösch building and the Schüko facade system block 82% of the ultraviolet radiation and reduce heat consumption by 50%. The presence of large terraces create additional relaxation space. Here you can enjoy a stunning sunset, a view of the Dnieper, the Botanical Garden, the domes of the ancient Vydubitsky monastery, the famous Motherland Motherland monument.

IQ-view from the office to the Dnieper

Бизнес центр «101 TOWER» (ул. Льва Толстого, 57)

Perhaps the inherent advantage of all tenants in BC 101 TOWER is the view of Kiev’s industrial life. Here you will feel the heartbeat of a multimillion city. View of the movement of trains of the railway station, the rapid traffic of cars from the street. Zhilyanskaya and st. Lev Tolstoy in combination with the old industrial buildings of the 19th century will take you to the atmosphere of dynamically developing Liverpool with Ukrainian hospitality.

 101-tower-office rental

Business Center « SAIL » (Mechnikova St., 2)

Being located in the very center of the business capital, the business center has chic specific characteristics. Windows to the floor will allow plenty to enjoy the view of the entire 360 degrees. A panoramic view of Gulliver Business Center, Mandarin Plaza, Horizon Office Towers, Olympic NSC, L. Ukrainka Boulevard will be presented to your attention. Here you really feel the rhythm of the city.

 Business Center « SENATOR » (Moskovskaya St., 32/2)

The building is located in the economic and legal quarter of the city, in close proximity to the government quarter. During the construction of the business center, the latest trends, high quality finishes, modern engineering systems, as well as high-speed elevators with intelligent control system were taken into account, which allows you to select the desired floor even before entering the elevator. Especially beautiful views are opened from the upper floors of the Senator Business Center to the old Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, the Mystetsky Arsenal Museum of Contemporary Art and the widest expanses of the Left Bank of Kiev.

Senator - office rental in Pechersk

Business Center « GULLIVER »

Views of the business center of the city, Sportivnaya Square, NSK “Olympic”, the Church of St. Michael open from the panoramic windows of the business center. Facade glazing of the building fills tenants' offices with natural light to the maximum, increasing the visual space of the premises. Comfortable conditions of tenants are supported by an intelligent automatic control and management system for the building, modern air conditioning and ventilation systems, and fire safety.

 Business center « HORISON PARK » (Amosov St., 12)

The business center consists of two buildings of 18 and 19 floors, interconnected by a 3-storey section. Being in the office of this complex creates a feeling of incredible spaciousness. The windows in the floor, open space of the premises, endless views cover the farthest horizons of Kiev, watching which eye strain is removed.

Business center « HORISON PARK

Business center « TORONTO-KIEV » (B. Vasilkovskaya str.,100)

TORONTO-KIEV is one of the most recognizable business centers of the capital. The panoramic view of Kiev comes off from any platform of the complex, and the most beautiful view of the Church of St. Nicholas is a unique temple of the early 20th century in the neo-Gothic style. Nearby is the Holiday Inn Kiev.

Бизнес центр «ВЛАДИМИРСКИЙ» (ул. Сагайдачного, 11)

Renting an office in the Vladimirsky Business Center you will plunge into the authentic atmosphere of Podol. The windows of your office will go to the river. Dnieper, River Station, Postal Square, which until the 19th century was the center of Kiev. River Station and r. The Dnieper since the times of Kievan Rus were the main waterways of the capital. Vladimirsky Descent and Naberezhne Highway will provide good traffic to the business center "Vladimirsky"

Business center « SILVER BREEZE » (pr. Tychiny, 1-B)

With its inspiring views, Silver Breeze impresses at first sight. The Dnieper embankment, the majestic Dnieper, the ancient monasteries of the St. Michael’s Vydubitsky Monastery and the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, the monumental “Motherland Mother” are opening to view. This complex is universal because it accommodates a large shopping and entertainment area, many restaurants, cafes, a fitness center.

Silver Breeze

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