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The productivity of office workers depends on their psychological comfort and mood. This can be influenced by choosing the right colors for the interior. Unsuccessful shades will create unnecessary stress, and successful ones will relieve stress from a person, give energy, improve concentration and increase his level of creativity.

Therefore, it is recommended to add bright colors to boring standard shades. Then they will look more expressive.

Scientists' opinion

Employees, surrounded by their favorite flowers, achieve the best results at work. This thesis is scientifically supported by fresh research from the University of Texas and the Wall Street Journal.

They emphasize that beige, light gray and white tones can trigger depression and feelings of sadness. Colors of the same type are irritating. Cool shades improve concentration but decrease activity. Orange and purple tones have a dark effect exclusively on men.

What color should be the walls in the office

The influence of color on team spirit
If team spirit is important for your office, then you need to use blue and light blue shades in the interior. They stimulate a sense of trust in the team, eliminate the growth of psychological stress and promote ease of communication. Many executives paint the walls with these colors in their break rooms.

Also, the specificity of some companies involves regular brainstorming sessions, which is always noisy and emotional. Therefore, the premises in which such events are planned should have green shades. They stimulate creativity, add balance and harmony.

If the office works at night, then to maintain the team spirit among the employees, it is worth painting the interior in red, yellow and orange tones. They stimulate brain activity.

Choosing the right color for different spaces

Rooms where planning meetings are regularly held should be painted in blue or light blue tones. Areas where company employees gather for creativity should be decorated with yellow shades. There should not be a lot of them, just insignificant inclusions.

Orange should be used in rooms that require creativity and energy from employees. If the office has premises for physical labor, then they should be painted in red tones. Colors for other office spaces:

  • white - for rooms where employees are engaged in creative activities;
  • yellow - in areas where maximum concentration and concentration is required from employees;
  • green and light green shades will look perfect in those areas of the office where employees spend a long time at monotonous work, creating innovative projects.

In this case, managers can use gray as a background. In contrast, the effect of any bright shade is doubled. This must be taken into account when looking for an office to rent.

Productivity-enhancing colors

Blue helps to assimilate new information. It evokes calmness, relaxation, confidence and reliability. Promotes trust and creativity. In a room with such a shade, it will be possible to avoid psychological stress and reduce the degree of disagreement. Designers recommend opting for muted blues and blues.

Orange and yellow. These colors are for the passionate and creative person. They are associated with the sun. They increase efficiency and together with it increase appetite. It is ideal for interior decoration for young and energetic employees.

A red tint eliminates nervousness and depression. It invigorates and allows you to concentrate on details, while reducing the ability of analytical thinking. Green color relieves eye strain during prolonged work at the computer. It goes well with beige, white and chocolate shades.

The brown color gives calmness and solidity. It is most often used in executive offices. It symbolizes inner confidence and fortitude. And also this shade smooths out any conflict situations and sets the whole team in a working mood.

White gives the office a spacious feel. Looks good in combination with black. It belongs to the category of neutral tones, so other colors look more saturated against its background. Other neutral colors are gray, black, brown. They soothe brighter, more aggressive colors.

Saturation is key

Some scientists believe that the performance of office staff does not depend on a specific color, but on this intensity. That is, the richer the color, the more it stimulates employees to be productive. If the shades are less saturated, then the appearance of relaxation is possible. You need to pay attention to this, for example, when renting an office in the Business Center.

What colors should not be present in the office?

If you plan to rent an office, then check the absence of the following colors in its interior - dark brown, black (in excess), purple, purple, gold, silver. Also undesirable shades that have properties undesirable for you. For example, you plan to work exclusively in a creative direction. To do this, you need to rent an office with shades that contribute to the development of creative desires.

Our company advises clients on the selection of a suitable office space in the city of Kiev. We know exactly what shades you need for your business. We will show you the ideal option for you.


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