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аренда офиса в Печерском районе

Senator, Moscow, 32 / st. Reznitskaya, 2

In the business center Senator (Senator), st. Moscow 32 / st. Reznitskaya, 2 offers a unique opportunity for renting - renting an office with a turnkey repair.

Rent office with a terrace

It is proposed to rent an office with an area of 275.9 square meters on the 11th floor of the business center.

The layout of the office space provides for all the necessary areas of the modern office: a guest area - the lobby, two open space work areas, several separate rooms, including the manager's office, a conference room, a server room - an archive, a kitchen. Outdoor terrace with an area of 26.5 sq. M. - A great addition to a high level office.

Аренда офиса с террасой

Office rental with a terrace

Office rental with turnkey repair

On the 4th floor of the Senator business center you can rent an office with an area of 210.51 square meters, with a ready-made solution for planning and finishing the room. The office is located in the corner of the building, because the room has daylight access on three sides. To preserve the feeling of light and light space, most partitions are proposed to be made of glass.

The proposed office layout includes: a reception area, a dressing room, a meeting room, several separate rooms, an open space area, a kitchen.

Аренда офиса в бизнес центре класса А

Office rental in the class A business center

If you need an office with a ready-made design solution, do not miss the chance to take advantage of a unique opportunity. Renting an office in the business center Senator is an excellent choice for locating your company's office in the center of Kiev.

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