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Office rent in Pechersk district

Author: Anna Dubovik - commercial real estate expert
rent an office in the Pechersky district of Kiev

Office rent in Pechersk district of Kiev

Pechersk district of the capital of Ukraine is one of the most active in the business, public and cultural importance of the centers of Kiev. Here are concentrated the main centers of public and social life programs of the city. The presence of a large number of bank branches, insurance agencies, law firms and notarial cantor, service sector establishments such as restaurants, cafes, sports complexes - contributes to the attractiveness of the Pechersk district to accommodate the office of the company in any field of activity. An important factor in choosing a good location, where renting an office would be convenient for all employees, is transport accessibility. In the Pechersk district there are junction (interchange) metro stations, which allows you to quickly arrive from any part of the city to the required address, as well as a lot of ground city traffic.


Business centers of Pechersk district: where is it possible to rent an office !?

Class A business center - Senator

Class A Business Center - Senator

To date, one of the newest and most prestigious objects are the Senator business center (Senator) on ul. Moscow, 32/2 and IQ business center in Bolsunovsky str., 13-15. Both objects are distinguished by the monumentality of the architecture of buildings, a stylish interior design solution, the introduction of modern technologies in the life support systems of the complexes.

Renting an office in a Class A business center, which includes Senator and IQ business centers, is the desire of companies to go ahead, possibly ahead of their time. Tenant companies of such business centers include global corporations, international offices, IT companies, agricultural and industrial holdings, design and architectural bureaus, legal and financial groups.


Office rent with repair in the business center Parus

Office rent with repair in the business center Parus

Modern offices with a panoramic view of Kiev can be rented in the business center Parus, ul. Mechnikov, 2 and in the business center Gulliver, Sportivnaya Square, 1 A. To the choice of clients in the business centers it is possible to rent an office with repair, or an office without finishing, with the possibility to implement an office according to an individual design project, to rent an open-plan office , and small rooms of a room plan.

The number of recognizable business centers in the Pechersk district, which are popular among office tenants, includes the Tsarsky business center, on ul. Staronavodnitskaya, 13, Arena City and Mandarin Plaza on the street. Basseinoy, Capital on the street. Bolshaya Vasilkovskaya, 77A, Horizon Office Towers on ul. Shelkovichnaya, 42-44, Europe on the lane. Museum, 4, business center Khreshchatyk Plaza on the street. Khreshchatyk, 19, business center Rubin on a steep slope, 7, Merks on the street. Leipzig and others.

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