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Renting an office in Kyiv is not an easy task. There are many nuances to consider in order to find the perfect comfort zone:

  • location;
  • square;
  • layout;
  • rental price

And most importantly, it is necessary to determine whether the company is ready to make repairs, or is it more profitable to rent a ready-made office.

Ready repair or shell & core? What's better?

Shell & core is a fully finished office space. Traditionally, premises in the state of shell & core imply the presence of communications, double-glazed windows, concrete screed. Before you enter, you will need to complete the interior decoration. Such premises are suitable for companies that do not need urgent relocation.


Real estate projects are divided into classes "A", "B" and "C". In class "A" offices, as a rule, are rented in a shell & core state. In "B" and "C" will have to deal with the alignment of the walls, the installation of ventilation and other similar processes.


Advantages of renting an office in shell & core state:


the ability to divide the office into zones. Decorate a room in an individual style:


receive a rental vacation from the lessor for the period of repair, or the lessor will carry out the repair work themself;


finishing option is an ideal solution for a company that intends to move in three or more months.




it takes a long time to repair and move in;


financial expenses for repairs are not excluded, which can be recouped due to rental holidays and more loyal rental conditions.

Fine finishing - advantages and disadvantages

Fine finishing is an option when the room only needs a cosmetic repair. The office, which is going to call in, will need to perform simple steps - install flooring and partitions, paint the walls. All work is carried out at the expense of the company. For their period, the tenant is provided with rental holidays, but they are much reduced.


Renting an office space is a crucial step. If you make the right choice, it will have a positive effect on the performance of the team. As a result, the company's profits will increase.


You have an opportunity to embody your business dreams when arranging an office space with the following business centers:

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