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Office rental during the construction phase

Author: Anna Dubovik - commercial real estate expert

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The success of any business is inextricably linked to dozens of different factors. Convenient accommodation of the company's employees and low costs have a positive effect on its development. There are fairly successful ways to significantly reduce the cost of maintaining a company. This is an advance lease of office space, which must be taken care of even at the construction stage. This approach has many advantages, each of which should be highlighted.

Could it be profitable to rent an office during the construction phase?

Let's start from the position of a developer striving to fill a space with tenants immediately after commissioning.

The difficult epidemiological situation will affect the commercial real estate market for many years, so the client can safely count on solid discounts when concluding a contract. So, what are the benefits of a potential tenant who chooses to rent an office space at an early stage of construction work:


- ability to choose completely convenient & ideal offices


- It will be much more profitable to rent an office in Kyiv, in the case of an agreement decided for several years lease. You can reduce costs by 15-20%. This compared to entrepreneurs who sign an agreement after the final completion of a construction stage.


- The developer's representatives are always loyal to the first clients wishing to rent space in a new building. In some cases, they are willing to come to an arrangement.


Take your time when renting an office space!

It is impossible to create an objective picture of the current situation in the capital on the real estate market, when only visiting one building. It is necessary to conduct preliminary negotiations with several developers and such case renting an office space will save you them maximum spend. Keep this in mind when looking for a new workspace for your professionals.

As you can see there is fairly simple and effective ways to save good money, while occupying an area in a prestigious place, in the city.

Please leave a request and our managers will contact you and offer profitable rental options!

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