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Office rental on the Left Bank of Kyiv

Author: Anna Dubovik - commercial real estate expert

The left-bank districts of Kyiv are a region of the capital located along the left bank of the Dnieper. It is here that the entrepreneurial sphere of the region is concentrated. For many areas of business, renting premises on the Left Bank is more profitable (real estate is cheaper here) and simply more expedient (due to the specifics of the area where services are provided). You can find a suitable office for yourself in our catalog of business centers.

Key features of the Left Bank of Kyiv

The left bank of the capital of Ukraine consists of only three districts: Desnyansky (the most remote), Darnitsky and Dneprovsky. A few years ago, they differed mainly in residential areas. Today the number of offices on the Left Bank is growing rapidly. This can be attributed to the acceptable cost of real estate and a sufficient amount of free space for the construction of commercial facilities.

The interest in office space on the left bank is constantly growing (which is connected, in particular, with the frequent movement of residents here from the center of Kyiv). This means that very soon it will not be possible to rent an office at the current cost. The rental price is increasing as rapidly as the popularity of the area.

Offices classification (Office classification) 

On the Left Bank of the capital, it presents entrepreneurs with an expanded selection of commercial real estate. Here are all types of office premises:

A (prestigious Kyiv offices that fully meet Western standards and are located in new buildings);

B (less prestigious properties that also meet the standards of Western offices and are located either in new buildings or in reconstructed buildings);

С (premises for small firms, meet domestic standards);

D (old buildings in need of major renovation and not recommended for use as office space).

Most often, there are buildings of category B. At the same time, in the Dneprovsky district, you can rent premises of class C and B + (Vladimir Sosyura St., Dneprovskaya Embankment). More prestigious properties are rarely presented (due to the high demand for them). If you find an interesting offer for renting an office on the Left Bank in the catalog, we recommend not to postpone renting real estate.

Advantages of renting office space on the Left Bank of Kyiv

The main advantage of renting commercial real estate on the Left Bank is an affordable (for now) price. The rental rate (per 1 sq. m) here starts from only $ 8 (for buildings of category C) and from $ 10 (class B buildings). However, these numbers are gradually increasing due to the rapid development of the region.

Another advantage of renting an office on the Left Bank is its population. It is inhabited by both elderly people and young people moving to a developing area from other regions. Different age levels and a large number of residents guarantee a high demand for the job offered.

Rapidly increasing competition. While the central part of the capital is already well-developed and highly competitive, its left-bank region is just taking this path. And this means that if you rent an office in Kyiv Left Bank in the near future, then in the near future your company can gain a leading position in the region (due to the fact that it was "at the origins of business development").

How to rent a property through A-Office

The A-Office service offers an extended list of offers for renting an office on the Left Bank directly from the property owner (you do not pay anything to intermediaries). To rent a suitable room, you need to follow three simple steps:

Selection (in the general catalog);

Study of the features (description of the business center, infrastructure, the cost at which the owner leases the building);

Communication with the manager (to discuss the details of the transaction).

The consultant will promptly respond to your application, explain all the points of interest to you and help you rent exactly the office that is best suited for the activities of your company.

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