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The level of provision of the office space with ventilation and air conditioning systems is carried out taking into account the class of the business center (A, B +, B and C) and regulatory requirements.

Features of climate systems depending on the class of the Business Center.

In class A business centers, fully controlled support systems are installed, operating in automatic mode. These systems make it possible to maintain constant humidity and temperature. These are two- and four-pipe fan coil units.


These are water-powered fan heaters with a built-in tray. They collect moisture from office air, condense it, and store it in their trays. Some models do not have accumulators, so engineers take the pipes outside so that condensation can leave the room through them.

In class B business centers, ventilation systems are installed with the option of heating, recuperating, and cooling the incoming fresh air. For example, chiller-fan coil units are installed.

These are multi-zone centralized systems, in which the role of the heat carrier is performed by an ethylene glycol solution or ordinary water. The liquid circulates through the duct tubes at a certain pressure.

In class C business centers, split systems or air pre-cooling mechanisms are installed. Their main advantages:

- low power consumption;

- silent work;

- ability to combine different indoor units;

- option of choosing a suitable microclimate for each room;

- ease of maintenance.

Before installing climatic devices in business centers of any class, it is necessary to perform regulatory calculations. They allow you to determine the required volume of air intake and exhaust per hour.

Also, when the exact number of air conditioning and ventilation units is formed, the frequency of air exchange is determined. The required thermal power of fan coil units is set, the total number of control panels is then determined.

Examples of installing air conditioning/ventilation systems in specific business centers

A centralized ventilation system was designed and installed on the 27th floor of the 101 Tower business center (class A). The capacity of the installed air handling unit was 15,000 m3 / hour. The thermal power of one installed fan coil unit is 6 kW. The system receives fresh air in the amount of 1800 m3 / h. All air conditioning systems use less than 16 kW in total. Every three air conditioning units are controlled by one remote control.

In the offices of BC "Horizon" (class B +) with an area of ​​155 and 165 sq.m, an air handling unit was installed that processes a large volume of air per hour - 2050 m3. The multiplicity was 6.6 per hour. Actual inflow - 1928 m3, exhaust - 1710 m3. Air conditioning units were also installed for each office block. A total of 15 kW are allocated for the office. This power is sufficient for the normal functioning of the installed systems.


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