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аренда офиса Софиевская площадь

Business center Sofia, per. Rylsky, 6

How to choose the right office space for your business

Every growing business is faced with the task of expanding its space. Therefore, most entrepreneurs are puzzled by the question of how to easily find an office in Kiev that would meet their requirements and business characteristics. The commercial real estate market is replenished with new offers all the time, so if you clearly outline your requirements, you can rent a suitable room for a fairly short period of time.

Where to start when looking for a new office space?

аренда офиса в центре Киева

IFC Gulliver, Sports Square

Traditionally, the most popular requests among entrepreneurs is the rental of office space in the center of Kiev or its developed business districts. In search of answers to the question of how to rent an office with good utilities and financial conditions, more and more businessmen opt for renting real estate in the business centers of the capital. When looking for suitable premises, it is necessary to consider several important selection criteria:

  • advantageous location of the office center;
  • convenient transportation, proximity to public transport, metro stations, busy streets and avenues;
  • interior and exterior of the business center;
  • availability of repair in premises for rent;
  • the possibility of expanding the rented area in the future;
  • tariff schedule and terms of cooperation.

With the development of business infrastructure in remote areas of Kiev, it became possible to rent a no less comfortable office on more favorable commercial terms than in the central area of the capital.

How to rent an office in the right area of Kiev

Many companies in search of a new office are planning to stay in their administrative district. Therefore, in order not to waste time on the elimination of irrelevant proposals, first of all, it is necessary to specify the search parameters. Look for offers from landlords with an indication of the area that is prioritized for your business. For example: rent an office in the Pechersk district, rent an office in the Shevchenko district, rent an office in Podol, rent an office in Solomenka. Also use in the search for the name of the subway stations or streets, in the neighborhood of which you are satisfied with the rental of premises: rent an office near the Olympic subway or rent an office on Khreshchatyk. Concretization will help you save time, as well as adequately evaluate different offers from landlords in the same area of ​​the city.

Владимирский, бизнес центр

Business Center Vladimirsky

Choosing a suitable office space, pay attention to the main parameters of its search:

  • location (indicating specific areas, streets, subway stations, if necessary);
  • size of the leased area: small offices, office buildings, sublease;
  • features of the placement of the office in the building: number of floors, view from the window;
  • availability of repair and decoration;
  • room layout: a common workspace or office, divided into offices.

When you decide on these basic parameters, choose the appropriate room will become much easier and faster.

One of the main criteria for finding commercial real estate is the budget that the company is ready to allocate for its rent. Tariffs are usually influenced by several factors:

  • business center location;
  • class office building.

If everything is clear with the first characteristic, then the second should be told separately. Depending on the class of the business center: A, B, B +, C - will depend on the main characteristics of the building in general and the office in particular. These include: the availability and quality of repair and finishing works, the level of the security system, fire fighting, climate control, video surveillance, the infrastructure of the building itself, the amount of parking and other design features. The higher the class of an office building, the more comfortable the conditions and the higher the cost of rent.

Before concluding an office lease agreement with a landlord you like, you should be safe. Ask for a copy of the contract and share it with your lawyer. Find out who can rent an office in a specific building on the proposed conditions: whether it can be an individual or you need to enter into an agreement directly with the company. Specifically, from this nuance may depend on certain conditions of payment and taxation.

To save your time, before concluding a deal, specify what documents are needed to rent an office from a particular landlord. This will help your accounting in advance to prepare the entire package of documents and check the correctness of their filling.

If you want to save your time and protect yourself and your business from unscrupulous landlords, then you should contact a specialized company. A-office is a team of professionals who will help you choose the right room on favorable terms from trusted landlords.

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