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Business centers and offices classification

Author: Anna Dubovik - commercial real estate expert

The choice of one or another office space is influenced by the requirements for the level of its comfort. To systematize these requirements, specialists have developed standards that have become the basis for the classification of business centers. Let's consider the main criteria for assigning a room to a particular class.

Distinctive features of office premises of various classes

The category of a property can be accurately determined by using the following evaluation criterias:

  • The location of the building. This criterion often plays a decisive role.
  • Infrastructure of the area. When assessing a location, the presence of convenient transport interchanges and metro stations nearby, the distance to banks, shopping and entertainment centers and catering establishments is considered.
  • Building type and age. It is an important criterion for expert evaluation.
  • The technical condition of the building. When evaluating this parameter, the technical condition of the project, the serviceability of engineering systems, the convenience and functionality of communication channels are determined.
  • Ergonomics and environmental friendliness. For modern companies, an important factor is often the convenience of the layout of the premises, the use of environmentally friendly building materials and the presence of a comfortable microclimate.
  • Glazing area and view from the windows. High-end business centers usually offer a variety of premises with a beautiful panoramic view from the windows.
  • Security and access control. The approach regarding this issue is different in business centers of various classes.
  • Availability of parking spaces. The high status of the premises implies the availability of spacious parking lots for tenants and guests.

Business centers and offices classification

Below is a brief description of the categories that will give you an idea of the classes of commercial real estate.

Class A business centers

Newly built, located in the city center, in areas with high business activity, class "A" business centers are considered the most prestigious. The minimum ceiling height is 3.6 m. Air enters the premises through a centralized ventilation system, which provides a comfortable temperature regime for operation. Building management and life support system is in accordance with international standards. The security service carries out serious control of access to the premises and the adjacent territory. Own parking is mandatory. High-speed elevators are often installed in high-rise buildings. Class “A” business centers have several conference rooms and a reception. Tenants have access to many services that can be obtained without leaving the office. The building houses restaurants and hairdressers, sports clubs, and banks. Rental rates rarely drop below $ 30. An example is the Arena City or Mandarin Plaza.

Class B business centers

For class “B” business centers, some relaxation of the requirements is acceptable: the building may not have the most recent renovation and may have an imperfect location. Also, less stringent requirements are imposed on the level of comfort and engineering systems. In some cases, there is a shortage of parking spaces. Complexes such as Grand Step and Eleven offer vacant space starting at $ 15 per square meter.

Class C business centers

For business centers in the "C" class segment, poor sound insulation, outdated communications, poor layout of premises and not too developed surrounding infrastructure are acceptable. Among the proposals for renting office real estate of class "C" interest are the options Valmi and Inox. The cost of renting a square meter is generally offered in this class range from, - $ 6  to, - $ 12 per square meter.

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