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Kyiv, Borschagovskaya Street, 154, Kiev, Ukraine
District: Solomianskyi
Rental rate: 12$
Operating payments: 4$
Office class: B (Rent)

In TOTs "Marmalade" in Kiev on the street. Borschagovskoy, 154 offers optimal conditions for the lease of office space. TOTs Marmelad - modern shopping and office center, and modern business space The nearest metro line "Shuliavskaya" is 10 minutes walking distance.
Proposals for renting premises in the trade and office center Marmelad, this is a good location in the Solomensky district where renting an office in Kiev for IT companies, co-working, call-centers is promising. A large open space in which you can rent an office from 500 sq.m and more, to equip the premises taking into account the peculiarities of the company. The location of the office center is characterized by good transport accessibility, including proximity to public transport and metro stations.
In close proximity to the TLC "Marmalade" are large institutions of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine. Nearby there are two main roads at the crossroads of which the center is located - ul. Hetman and st. Borschagovskaya. A convenient traffic interchange provides access to the Marmelad office center, the routes of the metropolitan transport are sent to different directions of the city and are located in a hundred-meter proximity to the entrance group. Comfortable interior space and advantageous location contributes to the development of business infrastructure. The office part of the TOC Marmalade is located on the 4th (5,800 sq m) floor and 5th (5,200 sq m) floor is an open space, it is possible to divide the area from 500 sq. M. m required for the tenant footage.

Renting an office in “Marmalade” is the optimal ratio of the cost of rent with the proposed conditions for potential tenants.

Additional Information

Metro station
Technical information
Other information
BOM coefficient
Typical floor area
5500 sq m
Room height
3.5 m
Security systems
Hour security and video surveillance. Fire alarm system.
Fiber optic communication lines
Central heating systems
Heating system - urban
Ventilation and air conditioning systems
The presence of elevators
6 cargo and 4 panoramic
Parking lot
Access to the building
10:00 — 22:00
Utility costs payable
Electricity, water supply, heat supply and cold supply
Lease Term
from 3 years and more

Floor plan

Plan of the 5th floor for TOTs Marmelad offices

office rent from 500 sq m on Borschagovskaya 154, open space, offices open space

Plan 4 floors for offices TOTs Marmalade

office rent from 500 sq m on Borschagovskaya 154, open space, offices open space

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Vacant space: 300.00; 250.00; 1000.00; 500.00; 800.00 sq.m
Vacant space

Object location

Borschagovskaya Street, 154, Kiev, Ukraine
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