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When considering the huge number of proposals for renting an office in Kiev, it is important to understand which criteria of the future office are your priority.

Снять офис в БЦ Леонардо

Business Center Leonardo, st. B.Khmelnitsky, 19-21

In addition to the location of the future office, the location of the business center in the expected area, the cost of renting office space, there are other important points. When searching for the necessary office space, it is worth considering a number of factors that ultimately affect your choice:

  • Office rent with repair, office ready to move in.

Many companies are looking for an office already ready for work, or an office that requires minimal redecoration costs.

аренда офиса в центре Киева

Business center Eurasia, office rent on the street. Zhylyanskaya

With limited time to move to a new office, it is better to opt for offers for rent of already established business centers, such as Leonardo, ul. Bohdan Khmelnitsky, 19-21, Sofia, per. Rylsky, 6, Parus, st. Mechnikov, 2, Eurasia, st. Zhilyanskaya, 75, Capital, st. Bolshaya Vasilkovskaya, 100.

If the company proceeds well in search of a new office space, you can use the option of the management companies of the new business centers - the repair of office space “under the tenant”. Depending on the complexity of the solution of the office space, the room can be sold as a client at the expense of the management company in full or with tenant equity participation. In this case, you should pay attention to such objects as business centers Astarta (Astarta), st. Yaroslavskaya, 58; Senator (Senator), st. Moskovskaya, 32/2, Vladimirsky, ul. P. Sagaydachnogo, 11

Vladimirsky, st. P. Sagaidachnogo, 11.

  • Office rental with good transport accessibility.

For most companies, one of the important factors is the location of the office within walking distance of the metro station, or the presence of a large flow of public transport near the office center.

аренда офиса в центре Киева

Business Center Gulliver, Sports Square

Both for company employees and for visitors, guests of the enterprise, it is important that the business center where your office is located can be reached with minimal time costs. Among the business centers located near the metro hubs in the center of Kiev are Gulliver, Sportivnaya Square 1, Horizon Office Towers, ul. Shelkovichnaya, 42-44, Dynasty (Dynasty) st. Antonovich, 46.

  • Rent office large area.

For companies with a large staff of 100 or more people, a large office space is required, occupying space from one to several floors.

Given the favorable prospects for the development of the company, many tenants are considering proposals for renting an office with the possibility of expanding rented premises. In this case, the new large-scale facilities, including Toronto-Kiev, ul. Bolshaya Vasilkovskaya, 100, IQ Business Center, ul. Bolsunovskaya, 13-15, Silver Breeze, P. Tychiny Ave., 1c.

аренда офиса в центре Киева

Rent office st. Bolshaya Vasilkovskaya, 100

Office rent in Kiev is represented by a variety of objects: from small boutique formats to large-scale business centers equipped with modern innovative technologies. For each company, office rent is an important component of a successful business.

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