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Business Center Praga

Kyiv, st. Vladimir Sosyury, 6, Kiev, Ukraine
District: Dniprovskyi
Rental rate: 10$
Operating payments: 2$
Office class: C (Rent)

If you need to rent an office on the Left Bank of Kyiv – office rental in Praha BC located at 6 Sosiury St. is one of the solutions.
Office rental in Praha Business Center – rental of an affordable office for companies operating in different industries.
Functionality, mobility, convenient transport junction – Praha BC at 6 Sosiury St. is notable for its convenient location. The office center is located near Darnytska (Leninhradska) Square. The tenants and visitors of the business center can drive to the office building from Kharkivske Highway, along Prazka St., Darnytska Square, Myru Avenue, Voziednania Avenue, and Yuriia Haharina Avenue.
Praha Business Center offers an opportunity to rent an office in Dniprovskyi District; rental of an inexpensive office at no extra cost.
Offices which are offered for rent are of open-plan type, the typical floor area is 1,250 sq. meters. Small companies will also be offered to rent small-size offices including cellular offices.
Office rental on the Left Bank is also offered in such business centers of Kyiv as Livoberezhnyi at 2A Yevhena Sverstiuka St. (Maryny Raskonoi St.), Silver Breeze Retal and Office Center (ROC) at 1B Tychyny Ave., Krystal BC at 175 Kharkivske Highway and other office centers.
The building of Praha Business Center located at 6 Sosiury St. can be approached by transport from the Darnytsia, Livoberezhna and Chernihivska Metro Stations.

Additional Information

Metro station
Technical information
Other information
Darnytsia, Livoberezhna, Chernihivska
BOM coefficient
Typical floor area
1250 sq.m
Room height
3 m
Security systems
24-hour security of the complex, security and fire alarm systems
Fiber optic communication lines
Central heating systems
Central city heating
Ventilation and air conditioning systems
Centralized ventilation and air conditioning system
The presence of elevators
Access to the building
Utility costs payable
Electricity, water supply, heating
Lease Term
from 1 year
Другие сведения
Business center Prague, st. Vladimir Sosyury, 6 - office center on Leningradskaya Square. BC Prague is an office rental on the Left Bank, office ready for use and work. The rich functional infrastructure of the complex complements the tenants' comfort in the office center. readyˈredē ready: варианты перевода Имя ПрилагательноеЧастота готовый ready, prepared, willing, made, ripe, ready-made приготовленный cooked, prepared, made, ready легкий easy, light, lightweight, slight, mild, ready быстрый fast, quick, rapid, speedy, swift, ready склонный prone, inclined, apt, addicted, given, ready согласный consonant, harmonious, concordant, consonantal, agreeable, ready податливый compliant, malleable, supple, yielding, pliant, ready легкодоступный ready, easy of approach, come-at-able имеющийся под рукой handy, ready проворный prompt, agile, nimble, quick, alert, ready Наречие наготове ready, in readiness, at call, on the alert, in store Глагол готовить ready, prepare, cook, train, make, do подготавливать ready, prepa
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Vacant space: 70.00; 35.00; 280.00; 27.00; 350.00 sq.m
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Object location

st. Vladimir Sosyury, 6, Kiev, Ukraine
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