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Office mansion at 49B Volodymyrska St.

Kyiv, 49 Vladimirskaya Street, Kiev, Ukraine
District: Shevchenkivskyi
Rental rate: 25$
Office class: B+ (Rent)

Office mansion at 49B Volodymyrska St. is located in the very heart of Kyiv, near the Golden Gate (Zoloti Vorota). The history of the building dates back to the late 19th, the early 20th cent. and is related to the development of a new district of the city, construction of prestigious institutions including high schools for girls and high schools for boys, colleges, hotels, stores, restaurants; the mansion at 49B Volodymyrska St. was built in 1912.
Today, the building at 49B Volodymyrska St. is an architectural monument of the capital city. Office rental in the mansion located in Volodymyrska St. is an opportunity to have a company’s office in a historic center, in a high-profile building located in an area which is isolated from the city’s blare and bustle.
Here you can rent a recently renovated, turnkey office with furniture. The convenient location of the office center will allow you to comfortably get to the building from any part of the city by using both personal and public transport. The nearest Metro stations Zoloti Vorota and Teatralna are just several minutes’ walk away.
During the reconstruction of the building, the work was done so as to preserve the original style of the mansion. The interior of the lobby and the stairways are in the 19th-century style: the finishing material is natural stone; there are wrought iron decorative elements and stained-glass windows.
Office rental in the mansion located at 49B Volodymyrska St. will be interesting to those who like luxury and high status expressed in the style of the past centuries.

Additional Information

Metro station
Technical information
Other information
Zoloti Vorota, Khreshchatyk, Teatralna, Universytet
Typical floor area
280-490 sq.m.
Room height
3.2-3.9 m
Power grids
250 kW
Security systems
Alarm systems and video surveillance
Telephone system for 20 numbers
Central heating systems
The heating system is two-pipe, dead-end, water temperature is 70-90 ° C
Ventilation and air conditioning systems
Systems of exhaust ventilation, console air-conditioning systems DAIKIN
The presence of elevators
No elevators
Ground parking
Access to the building
Utility costs payable
Electricity, water supply, heating
Lease Term
from 1 year
Другие сведения
Who needs to rent an office in Shevchenkovsky district, rent an office of a closed type, with furniture - we offer to get acquainted with the object on ul. Vladimirskaya, 49B. Office mansion has a small courtyard, closed from outsiders access. If you need to rent an office in the center of Kiev, Office mansion st. Vladimirskaya, 49B - one of the best options for placing the office of your company. aā,ə a: варианты перевода АртикльЧастота один a некий a каждый a такой же a неопределенный артикль a одинаковый a какой-то a Сокращение возраст a акр a пополудни a Имя Существительное высшая отметка a круглое отлично a, straight a a- – определения Артикль 1 used when referring to someone or something for the first time in a text or conversation. a man came out of the room Суффикс 1 ancient or Latinized modern names of animals and plants. primula Приставка 1 not; without. atheistic Другие определения (14) a – примеры Most refugees say they never saw a drop of food aid - despite almost one million tonnes flooding into
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49 Vladimirskaya Street, Kiev, Ukraine
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