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Business center on the street Akhmatova 13E

Kyiv, st. Akhmatova 13E, Kyiv, Ukraine
District: Darnytskyi
Rental rate: 10$
Operating payments: 3$
Office class: B (Rent)

You can rent an office in the Darnitskyi district of Kyiv in the shopping and office center at 13E Akhmatova Street. This is a modern building, commissioned in 2015 and is an administrative 5-storey building of class C, attached to a multi-storey residential building. The business center is located a 10-minute walk from the Poznyaki metro station in a residential sector with developed infrastructure: retail outlets, state and private institutions, shopping centers, sports complexes, and catering establishments.

The building is equipped with modern underground parking, an electronic entry-exit control system, OTIS safe elevators, high-quality German double-glazed windows and a fire safety system. Inside: open plan with a strict office interior design. Office rental in Darnitsky district on Akhmatova 13E is possible with areas of 250 square meters or more.

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st. Akhmatova 13E, Kyiv, Ukraine
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