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Business Center Verbnyi

Kyiv, Verbovaya street, 17a, Kiev, Ukraine
District: Obolonskyi
Rental rate: 10$
Operating payments: 1.2$
Office class: B (Rent)

Office rent, lease of retail space in Obolon district of Kiev is available in the business complex Verbny, st. Verbovaya, 17A.

For tenant companies planning to rent an inexpensive office in Obolonsky district, you should pay attention to Verbny Business Center. Among the advantages of the trade and administrative facility are: location in the business, actively developing district of the capital, rental of ready-made, renovated premises, office rent near the Petrovka metro station (just a few minutes walk), rental of an inexpensive office in Kiev, convenient transport links, availability parking lot

Round-the-clock operation of the business center, physical security, the range of services provided by the management company makes Verbny Business Center (Verbovaya St., 17A) attractive for rental of premises by companies of various fields of activity and industry.

Nearest neighborhood business complex on the street. Verbovaya, 17 A is made up of such business centers as Yu.G., Moscow Ave. 13B, Rialto, Novokonstantinovskaya, 18, Mayak-Westdom, Moscow Ave., 8, Forum Kinetics Center, per. Kurenevsky, 12, Forum Park Plaza, Moscow Ave., 9, M-Mist (Plazma), Moscow Ave., 20B, SP Hall, Moscow Ave., 28A

Additional Information

Metro station
Technical information
Other information
BOM coefficient
Typical floor area
340/120 sq.m
Room height
3.0 / 4.7 m
Security systems
24 hour security. CCTV, electronic access system
Fiber optic communication lines
Central heating systems
Centralized air conditioning and ventilation systems
The presence of elevators
Access to the building
24 hour access
Utility costs payable
Electricity, water, heating
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Vacant space:
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Object location

Verbovaya street, 17a, Kiev, Ukraine
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