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Business Center Leiptsihskiy

Kyiv, Leipzigskaya Street 3, Kiev, Ukraine
District: Pecherskyi
Rental rate: 16.67$
Operating payments: 4.17$
Office class: B (Rent)

The office center at 3A Leiptsihska St. – rental of a renovated office in a business center, office rental in Pecherskyi District, in a business part of Kyiv.
The business center consists of several connected buildings and has several entrance units. The area of the business center is enclosed and guarded around the clock; there is a pass entry system. There is a small surface parking area in the territory of the business center.
For companies which find it important to rent an office in Pecherskyi District, rent an office near a Metro station, rent an office in Leiptsihska St, rent a renovated office – an excellent option for locating an office will be rental of an office in the business center at 3A Leiptsihska St.
It is possible to drive to the business center from Lesi Ukrainky Blvd., Moskovska St., Kutuzova St., Tsytadelna St., or to walk from the Pecherska or from the Arsenalna Metro stations.

Additional Information

Metro station
Technical information
Other information
BOM coefficient
Typical floor area
1000 sq.m
Room height
3 m
Security systems
24 hour security, video surveillance, fire alarm system
Fiber optic communication lines
Central heating systems
Central city heating
Ventilation and air conditioning systems
Ventilation and air conditioning systems
The presence of elevators
Access to the building
Utility costs payable
Electricity, water supply, heating
Lease Term
from 12 months
Другие сведения
Office rent in the business center on Leipzigskaya St., 3A - office rental in Pechersk district, office rental in the business center with an autonomous access system in the very center of Kiev
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Vacant space: 96.00 sq.m
Vacant space

Object location

Leipzigskaya Street 3, Kiev, Ukraine
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