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Business Center 50 Artema St

Kyiv, Szhevykh Street Streltsov, 50, Kiev, Ukraine
District: Shevchenkivskyi
Rental rate: 20$
Operating payments: 1.5$
Office class: B (Rent)

Renting an office in the business center of Artem 50 is a good location for your company's office in the Shevchenko district of Kiev.

In the business center on the street. Sich Riflemen, 50 available office rent from 120 square meters or more. In each office block, all the necessary components of a modern office space are provided: a reception area, a manager's office, a meeting room, offices for department employees, a kitchen, and bathrooms.

Why do you need to rent an office on the Sich Riflemen, 50

The business center is under the clock security. In the lobby of the office center there is a small cafeteria and a place for visitors.

For most companies, renting an office in Kiev requires solving several problems: the location of the office with a business center with good transport accessibility, the availability of high-quality office repair in the room, the low cost of renting an office.

In the business center of Artem 50 it is proposed to rent office space, taking into account the most frequent requests of tenants. Mobile floor planning allows, if necessary, to expand the office area by combining several office premises.

The location of the office center allows getting to the center of the city, to the central railway station and other necessary facilities with minimal time costs. In the immediate vicinity are such office centers as Torus, st. Glubochitskaya, 17D, Panorama, st. B. Zhitomirskaya, 20, Forum Business Town, st. Pimonenko, 13, Phoenix, st. Glubochitskaya, 17, Europe Plaza, Blvd. Shevchenko, 33B and others.

Additional Information

Metro station
Technical information
Other information
Typical floor area
6500 sq.m
Room height
Optical fiber
Central heating systems
Centralized systems
Ventilation and air conditioning systems
Centralized air conditioning and ventilation systems
The presence of elevators
Access to the building
24 hour access
Utility costs payable
Electricity, water, heating
Lease Term
From 1 year
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Vacant space:
Vacant space

Object location

Szhevykh Street Streltsov, 50, Kiev, Ukraine
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